Styled in a Black dress paired with Coated Jeans, Black Booties, and a Leather Belt & Glove
That time I went with #ALLBLACKEVERYTHING.
I’ve always shared that my style is who I am; who I desire to be on any given day.  I have never felt the need to be a trend follower, but a trendsetter…for myself.  Each day I choose to look better than the day before, because I am my own critic and fashion role model.
Back in the 90’s, I was already wearing hats with braids; 2008-high waist jeans; 2009-hats with my Afro/Afro bangs, and so many other styles yet to return to the fashion forefront. Those were not trends that I needed help with, but my own creativity and desire to look different.
In this look, I planned for a photoshoot, which called for an all black attire.  As usual, I pulled together a look that could actually be dubbed as FASHION.  I do not strive to look cute or pretty…that is already within me; I strive to look fashionable in a demeanor that demands attention. 
Once I became a long legged lady, I learned that I have to impress my audience; these legs are a gift and everyone does not have them; and I sense the stares when I walk into a room, might as well fancy them and gain my 2 seconds of fame.  This helped me gain an arrogance about my style…not my attitude (there is a difference); an arrogance that allows me to gloat in my beauty, my fashion, my trends; rather than worry about who will dislike what I am wearing or how I’m presenting myself.  That arrogance has given me a passion to seek more; therefore, I bring it everyday to show you all that I truly belong in the fashion world.  
Embrace in my journey and enjoy this look.

Belt: The Limited
Jeans: Old Navy
Booties: Vince Camuto (Dillard’s)
Gloove: Cabi
Photos by: E. Arguelles

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