2015 Came and Went…Here’s to a Successful 2016

Beginning NOW, I’d like to introduce you to a new world of the Skinnee Girl Confidence Blog.
I felt the need to amp it up a little and offer my followers a lot more make up and fashion tips, plus a bit of thrifty shopping and thrift store shopping.  Vintage finds are amazing, but you have to get creative when styling the pieces not to revert back to the old world of shoulder pads, high waist pants and platforms…but diversity in your look.
Let’s DO it.
Make-Up Monday:

On each and every Monday, follow me for the best make-up tips and skincare regimens.  I am no Make-up Artist or product fanatic; however, I apply time efficient make-up, which is sure to excite you all on how to do quick, simple make-up for a day’s work.  And of course I’ll have some lavish make-up looks for nights on the town or a day to WOW the office.  Teeheehee.  Enjoy!

Tuesday’s Treats:
I am no food critic but a sucker for good treats.  I am totally in love with frozen yogurt, Menchie’s Froyo to be exact, but I plan to bring you some good recipes for tasty, healthy snacks that you can try in your own home.  Health and beauty comes hand and hand, so I will keep it healthy, but tasty.  Enjoy!

Thrifty Thursday:

If you didn’t know, I am a lover of all things vintage.  Thrift shopping is just as exciting for me as mall shopping.  Goodwill is generally my number one go to, but this year I plan to amp it up and bit and trying a few different vintage shops around San Antonio and even some cities that I visit.  Enjoy!

Fancy Friday:
To you my followers, I totally enjoy your style and fashion finds/looks.  My goal is to capture those lovely work, night life, and Sunday morning looks that you flaunt via your Instagram and Facebook pages.  My go to for building looks is Polyvore, you should try it to diversify your closet and upgrade your style a tad, but in the meantime, I plan to feed off of your looks to share with my followers.  Enjoy!

Saturday’s Savings:
Every lady likes a sale; oh who am I kidding every person likes a Sale.  Since Saturday is generally the shopping day, join me in the mornings over brunch for the best coupons and savings at your favorite shops.  Even click through the link and VOILA! go directly to the store you love.  I’ll even share some of my savings on items I find.  Enjoy! 
If you’ve noticed, there is nothing exciting for Wednesday or Sunday.  Every fashionista is due a day of rest and those are mine.  All while giving you the different flavors of fashion, style, trends, and tips; I will also share my daily looks and good finds.  In the meantime, I have a closet haul to work on…yes, time to clean out and rid the clothing that did not make an entrance in 2015.  
I will actually do something a little different this year: since I always hope for those pieces I did not wear once they are gone.  I’m actually gone to move them into a different closet for 6 additional months.  If they make it back into the main closet, then it stays…if not, it’s yours.  Get ready for fun and excitement this year, along with some great giveaways, as well.

Skinnee Girl Confidence

Bye Bye 2015………………



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