A Fashion Experience

I’m fortunate to have built a relationship with some good people here in San Antonio, where I currently reside.  Relationships that are affording me an opportunity to truly embrace my love for fashion in a totally different light than I’ve ever imagined.

I cannot say that I’ve never wanted to become a model, as a young girl who sprouted inches over 1 Summer before 10th grade.  I grew; legs only and it seemed to never stop.  Landed me a body height of 5’10”, which I’ve learned to embrace and cherish dearly over the past years of living in stares and being questioned about my height.  It gets fun after a while.  Within learning oneself, you learn about how much you have to offer the world, which I never felt could be done from modeling.  The efforts to get where you need to be for modeling is far more difficult than getting a college degree and working a full-time job.  I chose that route and have no regrets.
After being asked to pose as a “still” model for the IRUN KIKO: The Art of Hair // A Pop-Up Fashion Presentation, I learned what it meant to chase your dream of being a model.  It takes a lot of work, guts, heart, and dedication.  The kind of dedication, even I, am not willing to input for a career that may never truly branch off into something promising.  
A model’s aspiration is just a big as that of an aspiring athlete, musical artist, and even acting.  Their dreams and commitment is just as great, if not greater.  I truly appreciate this experience to further understand what it takes to make each show I attend come to life.  This was some hardwork, dedication, and all out time commitment to ensure every piece of the puzzle fit perfectly.  Just know that IRUN KIKO changed my life and perception of the culture of natural hair and African attire.  This brought LIFE to me and broadened my horizons for certain.
Take a moment to fall in love with what I deem FASHION on a broader scale from New York, celebrity designer Reuben Reuel. A hardworking, talented, young man with big dreams and tons of aspiration.  He is truly gifted with a vision to design such pieces that captures an equal flow of elegance, vintage, and African culture.  I’m certain life gets sticky in the backgrounds of the model world, but Reuben and his closest pal, Sherrod, made it lots of fun.  We laughed and enjoyed the company of this talented team, amongst mastermind, Tony Harris and his team.
All in all, I met even more great people who have truly enlightened me.

And did I mention that Reuben has created a design for none other than Queen Bey herself; I didn’t…but I just did.  Just see for yourself.

“Beyoncé recently posted a picture of herself in 2014 on Instagram posing against a white wall in a belted top and contrasting pencil skirt; the next day, she wore a low-cut romper during a photo shoot in some sort of basil garden.  Both looks are the work of Reuben Reuel, 28, a Brooklyn-based designer who has spent the last four years building a brand called Demestiks New York. The womenswear line is based on Dutch wax prints and other classic African patterns.   –NY Mag
Reuben Reuel
Makeup by Jen
And this is the guy who I call a Mastermind.  He has truly embraced me and all that I have to offer in this fashion world of San Antonio.  Tony Harris has taken me under his wing and taught me the ropes in this city, which I still consider myself new too.  I met a ton of people through him and continue to gain great relationships with great people that are also inspired by this guy.  The beauty to the right is Lisa, a local San Antonio model, and beautiful soul. She has a similar bubbly personality, which I look forward to getting to know more about in the near future.

Julianna Kasumu– artist and photographer.  The mastermind behind the Hairstyles that we wore on this eve constructed by Terri and Julius of Mane & Glory Salon; here in San Antonio.  Julianna has an amazing vision, which was bought to light in the hairstyles chosen for this event.  Our hair was a reflection of our culture.  And boy did we make a hair statement on that night.

Blissful Jen along with 2 other makeup artists (Eloy) were on deck on create a captivating look to bring together the hair and threads that we styled.  I can truly say that the team of MUA were phenomenal in their captivity of African art.  From the lines to the dots, we were radiantly showcasing ART in is best form through their talented hands.

I’d love feedback on the overall presentation of art, fashion, style, and photography.
Drop a line or two below.

Photo Cred: Cody Monroe (my husband)


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