A Pop of Color

Flowers, flowers, how I love thee…
Your beautiful orange has grown on me…

 I’m no poet, just a gal putting together clothes to make outfits to become a fashion icon in my own way.  Considering the weather has obviously gotten a bi-polar diagnosis, I too am confused as to what pieces should be worn when.  Just kidding…I am actually a lover of long sleeve tops with shorts.

 I pulled in a pair of my denim shorts from this Summer and paired them with an oversized oxford shirt and booties.  The shirt was purchased oversized, only because that was the last size remaining and it was only $5.97 at GAP.  Yeah, I am a really good bargain shopper.  The shirt is from last Fall’s haul and still getting some attention…good job ME!  Anywho.  It’s very important that you switch up your style by playing with long sleeve tops and bottoms.  You can never go wrong pairing this look with booties.  The colorful flowers were a perfect scene to capture this look, as I am wearing really neutral colors.  How amazing that it all comes together; right!

 Preparing for Fall and fun, this hair was so perfect.

Shirt: Gap
Shorts: Gap
Shoes: H&M
Photographer: Hubs
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