A Queen -Boss Confidence

I’ve resided in San Antonio, Texas for 4 years 5 months to date, and oh was this city an adjustment.  I’ve never been in such a city with this large of a population, which still reigns like a small town with people who are all scratching for one bite of the taco.  Back away from the taco; I’ll just have nachos.

My nachos consist of style, swag, elegance, class, intelligence, creativity, and a large topping of BOSS CONFIDENCE.  A Boss Confidence that I developed when I became a fashion blogger.  There was no other way to do what I love without it.

During my short tenure in this hobby; I’ve learned so much about people and how they are easily intimidated by such little things.   Even those things that could make their world a better place.

I sat as a member in the San Antonio Fashion Society for less than a year and realized that my presence was not warranted there.  As I attempted to share some very creative ideas; which I am good at, I was under attack by a ham-hock in a pot of red beans (my Louisiana people understand); and she wasn’t even smoked.  A room filled with women who are supposedly brilliant and strong-minded; yet failed to address the situation at hand by chiming in to assist; a simple, good idea.  I quickly learned that every group has its master and Master runs the ship.  What Master says; goes.  Unfortunately, I don’t understand that language one bit; therefore, I took my independent minded, outspoken, fashionable ass home.  Home to strategize how I would captivate in this market.

I attend fashion events, in which I am stared from curly follicle to dusty shoes.  So many share with me that I should see those stares as a compliment; but are they?  Are they truly compliments? Or are these people staring at my difference and wondering…Why is she so dressed up? Why does she look this way? Who does she think she is?  Where does she come from? Who invited her?

I asked many questions to get acquainted in this community to learn the fashion industry in this mannequin fashion city.  So many shrugged shoulders and “oh it’s exclusive, you have to be invited” remarks were passed my way and I’ll get back with you on that response.  What in the hell is going on in San Antonio with that much exclusivity that a; pardon my EGO and slight arrogance, Regional Manager of Business Development at the AMERICAN EXPRESS Corporate Card Payment Solutions could not be apart of.  I never throw this card out there because again, the awkward stares; however, every now and then after someone brags their accomplishments down my throat, I leave the room quiet by simply responding with my job title…crickets.  This is the way we play in the mannequin fashion city.  POWER wins.

I have never had to be the person who reached, but I have learned that this is the city where reaching is all that matters.  So honey, let’s reach.  That’s where my journey as a fashion blogger began…under attack.

My fashion is speaking for me in every room I approach.  I welcome the complimenting stares; oohs and ahhs, along with the “who’s that bitch” stares.  I am a BOSS and I have that BOSS CONFIDENCE.  My face shows beauty.  My mind shows beauty.  My soul shows beauty.  My heart shows beauty.  I am beautiful and I am good with that.  I am so damn good with my beauty that I will OWN a room when I walk in.  It will be mine.  If you have not met or seen MEek Monroe…be patient, I’m coming honey.

When you see MEek, don’t see arrogance; don’t see Ego; don’t see clothing/skin; see a BOSS, a BOSS Bitch with Confidence.  And we will just leave it at that.  

The title; “A Queen” -let’s touch on that.  My rearing was that of a struggle, yet I knew my worth.  A worth that was as good as I wanted it to be.  A worth that only I could develop into by ensuring life was more than just a dream, but a reality.  A worth that I would never shy away from making it worth every minute of air breathing.  A worth that was worth everything to me.
I have guided myself through walking a journey where I knew the tunnel would open up and I could breathe on the other side.  That tunnel did just that.  
I have embraced my skin; I am African American
I have embraced my sex; I am a Woman
I have embraced my mind; I am Educated
I have embraced my heart; I am a lover, giver, and friend
I have embraced my Beauty; I am Confident
When you see MEek, you get…
An Educated African American Woman who loves, gives, and friends like beings regardless of their creed, upbringing, or social status as I am confident enough not to be intimidated by other’s riches or power, but to learn from their successes and mistakes to get where I want to be.  
I am A Queen and my thrown lies within me.
You’ll see me, honey.
Buster: Asos.com
Pants: Old Navy
Kimono: H&M
Shoes: Tory Burch from Nordstrom Rach
Hat: H&M
Choker: Samanthia Placensia
Earrings: in The Anthill
Photo cred: Cody Monroe
Back to life, back to reality…
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  • You’re right I think we could definitely learn from each other. Thanks for sharing. Also I admire you’re confidence.

  • A Queen yes you are. You are a very confident African American Women that has a lot of wisdom to offer. Control the room my friend. Control the building. I am not mad at you. Keep being YOU!!

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