A Travel Date with AMEX

Although my rookie year, at American Express, is coming to an end, I am still due a trip to The AMEX tower for Rookie Training.  And here it is, the first weekend in August; right before my bday August 7.  What an amazing present.  
Now, you’re probably thinking I’m going to blog about packing light…nope. My luggage was over 50lbs, had to remove some things.  And oooWee, I had 3lbs of makeup. That was a bit embarrassing. Teehehee.  So no, I ain’t pack light.  But I did pack fashionably.  
Each day of my 5 days in NYC, I have business planned twice daily, calling for several different looks.  The job allowed us to come in Business Casual during the day trainings, but I didn’t want to go to casual so I’m going extremely jazzy and hope you’ll be here to catch my daily fashion looks while hitting the streets of “The Big Apple”. 
In other news, I was even cute on the travels there.  Went with a natural face…I did fly out before sunrise.  Added some MAC Heroine lipstick while on layover in Nashville, TN.  I’m wearing a simple white cami, denim button down, black leggings and leather loafers.  It’s a Gap attack outfit.  

You know it’s my favorite store, by far.  Anyways, see you back soon.

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