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These shoes are lovely with the ribbons. Paired with the tuxedo style pants is so chic

Growing up I was always short; hence, my Middle School nickname was shorty.  And then one day.  One day, the Summer of ’99; all of that changed.  My family had just purchased all of my school clothing in preparation for 10th grade.  Right before the school doors opened, we participated in “back to school dress rehearsal” to assure the clothing we had purchased were good to go.  What a shocker we faced.  My jeans/pants were no longer the same fit as they were a month ago.

All I could see were ankles.

A gingham scarf tied around the ankle!! Never would have thought to accessorize like this, but look how good it looks. Especially on this long legged lady.

Little stick, skinny ankles.  And boy was I sad.  I knew I’d be the joke of the school; no matter what I tried to do to cover it up.  Not only are you teased when you are skinny; you get double teased when you wear high water pants.

Now, I did get creative by cutting slits in the sides and making them really stringy.; wear one cuff; and a few other tricks to make the flood look less noticeable.  Although that worked for me, it never passed approval from the wardrobe bully (someone who looks worse than you and probably lack confidence); yeah, they existed in 1999.  This literally scarred me for years.  I lacked confidence, already, since I was so skinny and always teased.  I was like the little runt; for whatever reason.

Once I was of age to purchase my own clothing, I found stores that I knew would work in my favor.  Gap, Old Navy, and New York & Company carried their pants in waist and inseam sizing.  That was the life.  And I live by these stores on today.  I have had this complex about my ankles all because of those mean kids on into my adult life.  It feels good for me to share this with you all, because of the perception that a skinny lifestyle is the happiest.

Happiness isn’t a body type; its a state of being.

These leopard print shoes are everything.

So if you ever hear me screaming “I don’t like my ankles,” this is why.  Cheers to skinny ankles on a long legged lady who has learned to proudly embrace all of my flaws; likes and dislikes on my body.

Wearing: These booties can be yours.  Jeans


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