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This week I’m excited to be co-hosting The Wednesday Pants Link-Up with Allison of Sydney Fashion Hunter. Allison created her blog to share her experiences of hunting down that perfect fashion item in the beautiful harbour city she calls home. She’s a globe trotting, shoe loving, designer handbag toting Aussie who loves to shop up a storm with a wine glass in hand. On the blog she mixes high end and high street. In “The Wednesday Pants” series she has set herself a challenge to wear the same white pair of Calvin Klein pants every Wednesday for an entire year, styled differently of course! Head on over to her blog and follow along. 
My favorite color is Blue.  
My favorite tone of Blue is Royal.
I absolutely looooooooooooooove wearing Royal Blue.  The color works well with soooo many different patterns, colors, and wearable in all different styles.  Whether a Royal Blue blouse, pants, skirts, handbag, pumps, or a Blazer…count me in.  I just so happen to have something in Royal Blue in all aforementioned.  Teehehee!  Just giving clarity to my statement of loving to wear Royal Blue.  Don’t mind me.
Since this look was a no-brainer, I won’t keep you long
Not only am I wearing Royal Blue…but I am wearing it in a Midi Skirt.  Midi Skirts are so amazing.  The large pleated skirts are perfect for a date night or elegant event and have been paired to form show stopping looks.  In this look, I paired my Royal Blue Midi Skirt from Seasons With Allie Boutique, with a polka dotted blouse that is loose and comfortable.  When I pulled the skirt from the closet, I honestly did not expect to look that good, but OH Boy!  This look was amazing.  
LEAVE A COMMENT: Are you a fan of Royal Blue? If so, what colors/patterns have you compared your pieces?
Blouse: JcPenney
Shoes: Vince Camuto purchased at Dillard’s
Handbag: Brahmin purchased at Dillard’s
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