All Things Skinnee, But Me.

I love scarves.  I especially love this new fad of thin scarves and square scarves.  Both are worn to simply accessorize a look, not keep you warm.  When I shop at stores like Bealls or Stein Mart, I tend to run into fellow shoppers wearing really colorful scarves around their neck to compliment an o’ so chic look that seemed effortless to pull together.  I once attempted to locate such scarves, very difficult to find and even sometimes pretty costly.  I have not searched in a while; probably a lot easier to locate.

Either way, I am diving head first in thin scarf saga, but only in this look I am not wearing an actual scarf.  I have a pair of linen pants, which comes with a belt.  The belt is fairly lengthy, since it’s meant to tie in a bow when worn with those pants.  I wanted to wear a grey scarf to compliment the leather jacket, but did not have anything simple, which wouldn’t overpower the total look.  I remembered this belt and immediately knew that it would pair well with this look, dubbing as a scarf AND voila!  Just like that, fashion was made.  🙂

To pull off an overall stunning look, I am wearing nice, soft denim trousers, a white blouse, which has a cute broach attached at the neckline, and this light grey leather jacket.  The scarf truly accentuates my neckline.  It’s a perfect fit for the look.  I added the royal blue pumps to bring in the love and COLOR!!!

I am embracing my natural curls again…not the easiest thing in the world, but I am making it work.  Enjoy me in greys, blues, and natural hues.  Teehehee!

The best place to be, ROOFTOP.  Wasn’t the best day in the world for me, but I’ve learned that a pretty face and a smile always makes you feel better.  That’s what I am rocking this today.
For some reason, this Yellow, Royal Blue and Grey looked good together to me.
And I’ll end with this.  Where there’s a door, I’m in it.  Lol!

See you later.  
Here is a little instruction to help you build the perfect outfits from your closet.  Use Polyvore as a guide to build looks by using items that are already in your wardrobe.  In some cases, you will not find the exact same item; however, their are tons of options, which are very similar.  Here you see I went with a black skinny scarf, as they did not have grey.  You can also take photos and Upload your own clothing to really make the look exactly as you are wearing.  ENJOY!
Top: J.Crew
Bottoms: Banana Republic
Jacket: The Limited
Shoes: The Limited
Photographer: Hubs
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