Are You a Boss?

Everything in life should be doneLike a Boss’.  For instance, at work; whether you are 1 of 5 in your position or a lonely one; you should work and think ‘Like a Boss’.

You ask why?

Be the BOSS in fashion and you'll OWN Confidence

Because having a ‘boss mentality’ sets you up for success.  Imagine owning your own company, if you don’t already, and think about how you would operate.  Your main goals would be financial success and growth; therefore, all of your actions would reflect your plans to reach those goals.   Use that same mentality when shopping; to enhance your wardrobe, sense of style, confidence, and self-esteem.  In this same sense, you have to keep a few things in mind, ‘Like a Boss’, in order to be successful.

I’m talking to you…BOSS 2 BOSS

One, bosses take their time making decisions.

Two, a boss put the right people in the right places to align with the goal for success.

Three, a boss has confidence.  Maybe not in every area of this world; but definitely in the skill-set of the company.

So I need you to Shop, Like a Boss.

I know, I know.  MEEK where do I shop?  How do I know what to purchase?  Check out the guide for Trash or Treasure.  Once you’ve detoxed, learn about Quality and how it’s the best way to go.  And now I will share my go to shops that I swear by because of the Quality.  I’ll also share when to shop and how to shop.  Those are key pointers before running off to the stores scared of price tags.  So here it goes.

White in winter, talk about bold. I love it

Favorite Shops:

  1. GAP: I shop here for Jeans, as they are of great quality (last 10+ years) and I have to purchase Long.  Gap offers really good button down shirts, sweaters, cardigans, and blazers.  Never dry your jeans to keep the perfect fit.  Gap always have 40% OFF sales for you to get more items for less.
  2. J. CREW: Another good shop for great quality jeans.  Definitely the go-to for a good blazer.  The blazers will cost you $200, but you will have it beyond expectancy.  I love their tailored fit buttoned down shirts, patterned pieces, colored bottoms, and eclectic styles offered.
  3. this online shop is genius.  They offer Petite, Regular, Tall, Plus Size, Maternity, Men, Clothing, Shoes, Accessories, and more.  They do not carry Kids, but that may be in the making.  I purchase all fancy dresses, trending shoes, nice blouses, jeans, and such from this site.  I pay for Annual 2-day shipping subscription and they are true to that time-frame.  This site does put lots of items on sale, but rarely offer and additional.
  4. Vince Camuto: I generally shop the brand at Dillard’s but I’ve also frequented the outlet location.  Hands down, the most comfortable 3″+ heel I have found yet.  I absolutely love their shoes.  The clothing is also wonderfully made and comfortable.  I am always drawn to a great piece from the Vince Camuto collection.  Always keep an eye out for Dillard’s quarterly sales, which offers amazing prices, especially on shoes.
  5. H&M: I truly like H&M for chic clothing.  I started shopping the store online long before the store fronts started popping up all over the US.  H&M has a better selection online and no clutter, teehehe.  Be sure to buy a size or 2 up as their clothing runs very small.  I’ll purchase sequin, glittery, trendy, sassy clothing from H&M.  It totally works for a quick, chic look.
  6. Banana Republic: BR is my spot for classy, professional dress clothing.  You can never do any wrong with the clothing at BR.  If so, we need to talk.  The staff is very friendly; basically like personal shoppers, and the clothing is just such great quality.  I purchase all items from BR, depending on my needs.  Whether a suit, dress pants, pencil skirt, pleated dress, hot pink shirt, or booties; they have it all…and I love it.  You will too.  BR, like Gap, also offer 40% Regular Price sales.  Another good spot to purchase a blazer, as well.
  7. Dillard’s: I shop here for shoes, clothing, home decor, and furniture.  This is the better department store for buying good priced, quality items.  I love the shoes sales, which are quarterly and the fact that the brands they carry are quality.  It’s best to catch the big 30% OFF Sale and shop with your budget money (see below, CLOSET TIPS). You’ll be so pleased to see how far your budget goes.

These are great places to shop for good quality clothing

When to Shop:

  1. If your goal is to get the best bang for your buck, you should shop out-of-season.  Right now, January, is the perfect time to begin purchasing your Winter clothing for next year.  You can grab a few sweaters, pants, jeans, closed toe pumps, and so much more for a fraction of the original cost, hence shopping Quality.
  2. If you are not in love with shopping store front; shop online.  Simply chose your favorite stores, which stocks all of your needs and learn your sizes at those stores.  To on-board another fav store, simply spend a little time trying on a few pieces so that you know your size.
  3. September will present the best time to shop for Summer clothing for the next season.
  4. Between Summer and Winter, shop for Spring clothing; they are on sale.
  5. Don’t go overboard due to great price; just buy what you will wear.

How to Shop:

  1. Always, always try on more than one size of each piece.  If you generally wear a Size 6; bring a size 6 and 8 in the fitting room.  Try on the larger size first.  This way if that size fits you comfortably, you are more likely to get what fits rather purchasing by size.  I do this each time I purchase bottoms and it works like a charm.
  2. Do not purchase clothing just because they are on SALE.  That is a large epic failure.  You may never wear those pieces; hence a closet filled with stuff and a waste of your money.
  3. Know your closet before you go out shopping, in efforts to avoid purchasing the same black tank each time.  You’ll thank me later on this tip.
  4. Purchase clothing which you find to be versatile.  Be able to think it through how you can pair the piece with other pieces in your closet
  5. NEVER outfit shop.  It will cost you.  Shopping is much easier when you do not have a timeline to get that perfect look.  You can keep in mind that you want a V-Day look, but don’t base your shopping excursion on that concept.  Look around for really pretty pieces and purchase what you like, which is versatile and quality.  Once you are home, you’ll do wonders in that closet choosing a V-Day, etc look.  Which takes me back to #3; know your closet.

These tips should keep you grounded for your next shopping excursion.  Be certain you have detoxed your closet of the unnecessary pieces and know what you have; to not purchase the exact same things.  Good luck shopping and please share if these tips are helpful.

CLOSET TIPS: To truly maximize your dollar; try saving a few hundred dollars before an actual shopping excursion.  This helps you know what you can afford, as well as, keep you from splurging.  Splurging causes us to buy so much unnecessary items that we have no need for.  Depending on your spend threshold, I would recommend at least $300/6-months (save $50/month).  For those who can allocate more, try $500.  You should be on your way to find your next best perfect piece.  

Taxi please?

Hauling a cab and looking cute never looked so good. Taxi please


Got it?  I know you do.

Wearing: a look that causes stares in my White Skinny Jeans, OTK boots, Window Pane Top, Zip Sweater, Louis Vuitton Neverfull Handbag, Jeweled Necklace


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