Back in NYC – Reminiscing…

I can never get enough

It’s such a city of exploration.  There is so much to see and even more to do that it keeps you coming back for more.  Being inside of the mega stores (SAKS, Bergdorff Goodman, Tiffany & Co, Louis Vuitton, Top Shop, Steve Madden, etc) are just overwhelmingly amazing and then there’s a Marshall’s, which sells all of the designer items you could ever ask for.

This city truly blows my mind.

Our family Destination Christmas vacation was everything I could have asked for and more, finally having them tag along to enjoy the big crowded city.  YIKES! It was a bit much dragging two little girls around in the 12 degree weather, but it was all so worth it.  With Claire having a love for fashion, she fit right in.  I shopped, she shopped.  A mother’s dream.

The biggest and most important thing to keep in mind when you do NYC is to dress to impress everyday.  Be the stylist you’ve always dreamed of.  Wear whatever you want, because returning home becomes normalcy again.  Rock the best comfy pumps you own, but own more than one.  Explore all that fashion has to offer in every trip just to want to come back and explore again.  You can totally become someone new each visit to the city.  Join me as I reminisce this cold, winter weather as I photographed with the amazing Vonecia Wells in Dumbo Brooklyn, to capture this amazing shot.  IT WAS COLD YA’LL

Besides dressing without any apology, do the same with travel.  We have a small hiccup in the inability to leave the kids with family when we travel, due to being hours away from our closest relatives, so we plan for a family of 4 and in the air we go.  Make life your own, don’t ever let hiccups stop you.

Where are you heading next?  Bag packed?


Back to Life, Back to Reality…

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