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Something about this picture makes me want a camoflauge jacket and combat boots. Absolutely gorgeous

2016 came with a whirlwind of ideas that I truly pondered on for months before even considering moving forward with a plan.  As the new year rolled around; I knew that it was time and that I was ready to conquer the world; the blog world that is.  Besides conquering my day-to-day duties of being a loving wife and mother; there’s this thing called a full time job and even the Hobby turned Career; as a fashion blogger.

I am basically living in a world with no ending..

Yet, I choose to push myself to be the biggest, best me that there is; that me, which no one can take away.  Fortunately, the host of Beauty and The Boss believes in me enough to allow me to share, on her LIVE show, my history and future as a fashion blogger.  I am stoked and honored and cannot wait to share all that is happening with you all on this evening.  Be certain to tune in and leave a comment as you watch.  There will be a GIVEAWAY.

Until we meet again,


Back to life, Back to Reality…


Mom Series Photographer

Love the red hair on this chica. Beautiful

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