Beneath the Surface: Carrying a Baby

Breathtaking. An experience like no other

How ironic?

Beyonce is absolutely stunning in this photo

A beauty that you can stare at for a lifetime

Four years later, I am caught reminiscing on an underwater maternity photo shoot from 2013; when I was pregnant with our second daughter.  None other than, Beyonce; the Queen bee, herself has taken to the same stunning maternity photo shoot in 2017. That’s the ironic part.

It's like a Medieval movie with Victorian Queens

When I stumbled across the work of a local photographer, at the hospital of delivery, on our tour; it was a no-brainier that I wanted to use her skills to capture the life of our newborn.  A visit to her website left me mesmerized.  That’s when I discovered that she had the skill to capture underwater photos.  I was sold.  At that time, I had no plans to do a fancy maternity photo shoot.

This picture makes me want a baby

Paying $450 for maternity photos was never an option for myself or my hub, but it became a necessity for me.  It was a maternity photo shoot, UNDERWATER, for Christ’s sake…

there’s no price you could pay for that magical experience.  It was a sealed deal.

Such a peaceful picture. I love this

After four years of making that decision to turn my basic maternity photo shoot into something so golden, I’m seeing my creativity relived through the life of Beyonce’ who has opted to capture the same style of maternity bliss.  It’s truly an amazing feeling being able to compare my experience to someone of her caliber.  Even more amazing to have done it first; FOUR years ago.  I’d like to say that I’m definitely amazed that this idea has resurfaced and may even become a trend at this point.

How beautiful is pregnancy

THE EXPERIENCE: My photographer, Nikki, at Moxie Photography in San Antonio (now in Austin), was very creative and eager to do a maternity shoot underwater. She is a mother of 5; therefore, she understood the importance of capturing unforgettable moments.

Absolutely mesmerizing.

This lady has such beautiful skin. Just makes for even lovelier pictures

On the day of my shoot, I trusted Rudy (Sephora @ North Star Mall) to apply waterproof makeup, as he was the only MUA available to slay my slightly swollen face.  His hands were magical and I was pleased. I grabbed the lipstick to take with me for freshening up, just in case. The makeup did not move during this entire shoot.  It was very well done.  I chose to photograph in a basic black 2-piece bathing suit to not take away from the beauty of my pregnant belly.  Let’s not forget, the belly was the star of the show.  I added some accessories because that idea looked good on the lady in the underwater shoot; why reinvent the wheel.  During the shoot we used fabric to add some color and fun to the photos.  I was delighted to walk and swim in this warm water, it was May; it was so soothing on my skin.  I felt very lightweight in the pool, although I was carrying a 7 pound baby.  The experience was almost one that came with unwipeable tears, as it was just so magical.  I’d never seen this done before.  She just gave me goosebumps.

So breathtaking. My heart skipped a beat

So in love with everything about this photo. The beauty of child birth

Nikki even captured a picture with the 3 of us to all be apart of the magical moment.  Hub, Claire, and me shared or excitement for unborn Cydney in this lovely shot, which will one day have so much meaning to both of our girls and forever our family.  It was truly rewarding to stumble upon this photographer and entrust her with our maternity photo needs.

Oh my goodness. A family anticipating the newborn. Absolutely magical

Hey, Queen B; we rock for this one.  A special shoutout to Tameka “Tiny” Harris & T.I. as they also partook in an underwater maternity photo shoot.  It’s so whimsical and I love it.  Enjoy the beauty of pregnancy through our photos and live in this magical moment.

Imagining what exists inside the belly is the beginning when I stare at the pictures, but the baby herself gives me goosebumps knowing that she was created.


Back to life, Back to reality…

Such a lovely couple. Mommie to be is glowing

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