Boyfriend Blazer

I’ve run from sharing photos with my ankles; as they have always seemed so skinny and scrawny to me.  In good spirits, I sent a picture to a friend; my tech guy, to get insight on what my ankles looked like and to my surprise; they were normal.  That gave me a bit more confidence with having them photographed; so here they are.  I am wearing scrawny ankles in Golden booties, which I scored from Nordstrom’s big Semi-Annual sale.  Top Shop is the designer of the bootie.  This is my very first purchase from Top Shop’s collection.


In this look, I chose to pair dark, high waist, denim shorts with a light rose gold corset; gold booties; and a Winter White boyfriend Blazer.  The blazer is my favorite, yet I never wear it like I could.  It seems to overwhelm some of the looks that I’ve put together; however, does well with shorts.  I wanted to wear the blazer with a look, in which it plays as an accessory and not a focal point.  That’s where I went with this look.


TIP: It’s very important to understand fashion outside of placing pieces together; matching colors/patterns; keeping up with the trends.  Finding the right pieces to pair together is part of the puzzle.  You must pick 1 piece to use as your focal point.  ie The booties in this look would be the first piece that people will see when I walk into a room; that is my focal point.  Take and dress around this piece, but do not overpower it; compliment the booties with other pieces, which are subtle and a team player (teehehee).  Although the corset can be used as a focal piece; I toned it down by adding a blazer and did not wear a necklace.  I even added earrings with a tad bit of color, which grabs and holds attention to my jaw and neck on to that lovely corset.  It takes each piece of the puzzle perfectly placed to nail a fashionable look.  This process is simple; but you have to know when to end your look.  Do not turn your outfit into a GUMBO; it just doesn’t work.   

Blazer: Marshall’s
Bottoms: Gap
Shoes: Top Shop from Nordstrom
Earrings: Garage Sale
Back to life, back to reality…

You will totally love this look; in which I am wearing the same corset styled two different ways. I chose a black and gold sequin Kimono in this look. Read on and share what you think about the Kimono.  It was a grab from H&M several years ago.  I am finally wearing it.

 Boss Confidence

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