Bringing it Back!

Yes, it’s 2016 and I am wearing bell bottom pants that are high waist.  And they are a lovely shade of red.  Ahhh, the joy of old school clothing.

In this look, I went with a pair of bell bottoms that I grabbed from Gap Online.  The best part of owning the pants is the fact that they are long enough for me to wear with 3 inch heels with no problem.  No HIGH Waters for me.

There is truly no surprise that this style of pants/jeans have surfaced again in the fashion industry, as fashion evolves over time and then repeats itself.  The only trend I’m hopeful will never return is the black lip liner.  Please bury it; please.


I paired the jeans with a pair of popping red pumps, which are a darker shade than the jeans; and a shirt I grabbed from Forever 21 with the phrase “Fluent in Fashion” on it.  Clearly the shirt and Meek were meant to be.  My neighbor/friend thought it said “Fluent in Spanish”.  And that definitely is NOT the case!!! Teehehehe!


The long sleeve crop top, bell bottom pants, and black choker were perfect together.  A perfect “back in the day” look.  ENJOY!

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