Brown Paper Bag

There are some pieces that I stumble across, generally from Gap, that truly gains my full attention and love.  In particular, nicely made khaki dresses, which I call…my “Brown Paper Bag” look.  The last time I wore a “Brown Paper Bag” look; it was a pleated A-Line dress From Gap, which was only available overseas.  Lucky me…someone returned a size 4 and I landed it.  Yah me!  We have since parted ways, after an extreme closet cleaning, yet has been terribly missed.  

So recently, I found another rendition of the “Brown Paper Bag” dress at, none other than, Gap and fell in love yet again.  This love has been going since 2007 and finally I was able to rekindle that love with my ‘New Flame’.  Without further ado, in all things…Look SEXY!

Here’s to late night flights setting trends in FASHION.  Enjoy!
Dress: Gap
Shoes: Tory Burch (leather sandals)
Makeup: Meek
Photographer: Meek

So I wore this look to hang out with family and friends at my Aunt Sharon’s 50th Birthday Party in my hometown of Crowley, Louisiana.  Besides enjoy my fam and friends, the selfie stick was a hit too.  Cheers to the “Brown Paper Bag” dress.
When you find love in a fashionable piece…where it well…where it proud.  Khaki is Backkkkkkk!!

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