You Can Never Go Wrong

with pairing black and white. I just challenge you to add a little red/gold with that.

These ladies trust me to choose color schemes for our outings and photo-shoots; not knowing that I sometimes have a brain freeze causing me to reach out to a friend for some color ideas. I am ever grateful that they trust my fashion sense enough to allow me this responsibility and am proud to say that they kill it every time. Here’s how it works.

Here in San Antonio I started a fashion group, Royal Fashionistas San Antonio. We are a group of ladies who come together with a love for fashion and fun; amongst those reigns class. As the founder, I shared my vision of having each of us dress in a similar color scheme to when we partake in outings for others to easy spot us and wonder who we are. It’s called exclusivity. Each lady is allowed to pair the colors as they see fit, hence showcasing their sense of style for all to see. This idea has reigned supreme for RFSA, as we are noticed everywhere that we go.

For us, there truly is no such thing as overdressed. We do what we want and wear what we want. Afterall, there are no rules in fashion…besides one. Catch my latest post about the rules in fashion that are unspoken.

I love these ladies and what our group stands for. If ever you want to be apart of an awesome fashion group, definitely look our direction. Just remember; fashion, fun, class. Make sure you have that.

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