Catching Some SUN.

I live in San Antonio.  Surrounded by a dreadful heat that keeps on keeping on.  It has been such a scorching Summer, but at least this bathing suit did get some wear.

When I learned that Victoria’s Secret would no longer sell bathing suits anymore after August 2016, I began shopping away.  This bathing suit is by far my favorite.  I am not sure if it’s the signature top or the high waist scrappy bottoms, but I totally love this bathing suit.

Since this summer seems to be the trend of relaxation on a beach towel, hat over my fat…I went with it and I loved it.  Take a peek and let me know what you think.  Either way, try to stay cool.

TIP: As a mommy of girls, I am very cautious and conservative with what I wear.  My 5-year old is already asking about wearing a top and bottom when she goes swimming, rather a one-piece.  In support of making sure she understands why I have her wearing a one-piece, that is all that I wear in front of her.  When enjoying the sand with the Ladies, I pull out this modest, cut out side 2-piece to capture my sexy.  Being high-waist, I can still capture sexy and conservative in the SUN.

This pose seems to have gotten very popular this Summer.  I dared not reinvent the wheel; however, joined the party.  In case you did not believe how scorching the heat is in S.A., view the grass, which is in my backyard.  There is not enough water to keep this grass green in 110 degree temps.


Shopping for bathing suits; here are some ideas!

    Rosegal $15.96  Tidestore $22.49  Cessos $11.59  Rosegal $14.44

Wear it NOW! Wear it LATER! -Closet Shopping Styles

A Summer getaway for 4th of July, was when I first sported the sexy, high-waist bathing suit.

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