I Dare You…Be Brave, Be Bold.

Such a perfect combination

Seriously, what’s new in fashion…nothing.  Everything in fashion repeats itself.  It started way back when and came back in the 90s, millenium, and now another decade later.  From platform shoes to bell bottoms to high waist jeans to afros.

So what’s next?

I am not sure what’s next in your wardrobe, but mine will always have a good mixture of bell bottom jeans, high waist bottoms, and lots of pencil skirts.  Those are, honestly, pieces that will remain a fashion fit forever.  So don’t catch yourself buying the same trends every 3 years; just keep what you have and make it look brand new again.

For instance, I grabbed an orange skirt back in 2014 or so.  Nothing fancy: just an inexpensive, cotton made pencil skirt from Dillard’s Vince Camuto collection, which I grabbed on clearance.  This skirt served me well then and does the same now.  I kept the skirt because of it’s vibrant orange color.

Wow! This scarf is so perfect.

An orange that is perfect to start off any Spring with colors to dance in the flowers and chill under the sun.

To make for a powerful statement, I am ready for Spring, I paired this orange skirt with a Mustard Bell Sleeve top.  How’s that for trendy, chic, and colorful.  The look is Solange inspired.  You know this girl slays.  Her name and fashion are one in the same.  She is a Queen of threads.  I took no time pairing the perfect orange and yellow combo, after seeing her do so.

Solange Knowles; the fashionista

Here’s the look.  I am wearing an Orange Vince Camuto pencil skirt; from Dillard’s, paired with a mustard Bell Sleeve top; from HerStory Boutique, finished off with a pair of fringe sandals (Gianni Bini from Dillard’s), a leopard print scarf, and floral clutch (Francesca’s).  I can’t think of anything else that could have make this look as perfect as it is.  I am truly a believer in colors and that Orange and Mustard are perfect together.  Five years ago, I wouldn’t have believed this could work; but I am true to trying whatever makes sense and making trends flow.  This trendy top and high color profile look is popping; just like lipstick.

Such a lovely smile. This look and this smile are too perfect

Colors make you happy.  So be happy this Spring.

Brought to you by love, happiness, life, and fun.  Live in your perfect world.  Do it with style, sass, pizzazz, florals, and colors.  Don’t give in to every trend, be the trend that matters.  You can make a trend what it is and create a look to bring out your style.  Be inspired. Be different.  Be you.  Love.

What a lovely look.


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PHOTOS BY Anna Angenend Photography

Mom Series Photographer

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