Denim Denim


…all day long.  Denim, Denim sing a little song.  Do a little dance in my fancy high waist pants, and fall in love with fashion again.  

This is how denim makes me feel.  
I get in a mood to sing, shout, and let it all out. 
My style is very simple, yet chic, stylish, and classic.
I will always look for a vintage piece or high waist jeans, original leathers
and stuff of that nature.  So it’s no wonder, I chose a denim look.

In this look, I was inspired by what my closet has to offer.  Of the 3 denim shirts I own, I’ve chosen this one in particular, as it pairs best with my jeans.  My jeans, which are high waist bell bottoms that I purchased in two tones (denim and red) from Gap several months back.
In choosing the right pair of denim, I always keep in mind (1) my long legs (2) short torso (3) lack of a waist line.  These 3 areas have always been the best judges when it comes to choosing my bottoms.  Women often struggle in this area; therefore, struggle with the overall look.  For me, I am okay with elongating my 40″ legs with high waist pants and never shop for low rise, as my missing waist line doesn’t pair well with those. 
For the sake of less reading, I love this Denim Denim look and a monochromatic outfit.  Being such a powerful fabric, I kept my accessories to a minimum; just simple earrings.  Never over accessorize a look!


Shirt: Gap
Jeans: Gap
Shoes: Vince Camuto at Dillards
Hat: my closet
Photo cred: Meek
The other time I went with Denim Denim was during Ferrari’s Fashion Week South. 
Here I am pictured with owner of Seasons with Allie Boutique.

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