Each time I post, I come up with a fancy title to WOW potential readers and gain new followers.  For this post, there is no need to seek a catchy title… the word alone hooks a lot of weight for so many people. 
This week has been a long, busy one for me.  I’ve met with many people, who like myself, have dreams and aspirations of growth.  Growth by all means is what I’m hearing.  Now many of you reading this are nodding to say, yes that’s what I want too.  So what’s the problem?
All too often, we have a goal, dream, plan in mind to reach the next level of success that we have set for ourselves.  In most cases there are a few rotten apples in your bunch of positively causing you to second guess how far you actually can go.  I’m not sure where your health lives, but a bad apple isn’t good for you or the rest of the bunch.  That little word discouragement… How does it truly affect you?
When we set or mind to do something, there may be one or two people nicely sharing that your idea is too over the top; you should wait for such and such to happen first; that didn’t work for blah blah, not sure it’s a good idea.  I’m here to share with you that people are keen on discouraging someone else’s dream, goals, and aspirations for many reasons:
1. They didn’t come up with it first
2. They don’t want your success to outweigh theirs
3. They have nothing happening in their life, so they don’t want you to have anything happening in yours
Yes, you should be cautious of such people, yet learn from them that you are more; can do more; and can be more.  Never fear standing up for your goals and what you want to accomplish regardless of someone’s title or expertise.  Each of us are an expert in “what I want” and if you are uncertain…Google it.
Whatever your plans or goals do not get Discouraged.  You can do whatever you put your mind to, like ya grandmommy used to tell you.
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