Classic always looks good

Soooo, do you?  I do.

I have been a Dooney & Bourke fan since I was in 1st grade when my uncle purchased a lovely bucket back for my aunt back in the 90s.  That handbag was so lovely to me.  The thick, pebbled leather and that cute little duck; I was in love.

Dooney & Bourke is classic

Here we are 20+ years later and I am still in love with that pebbled leather and cute little duck amongst all of the other additions made to the handbag.  Talk about quality and luxury leather in the classiest way possible.  Only ladies carry a Dooney handbag.  You have to know how to care for her.  Be patient, kind, gentle, and loving; this bag is set to last you a lifetime if you do.  That’s what I know will happen with the 10+ Dooney & Bourke handbags that I currently hold in my closet.  One day those handbags will belong to my daughters for their classy wearing pleasures.

After saying all of that, I think you’ll completely understand how I feel about this gift that I was given from the Dooney & Bourke family.  I was randomly approached and asked to allow for a gift to be sent.  I truly expected a coupon, which I would have used right away and been just as grateful for, but I was gifted something even better; a very chic RED (ya’ll know that is my color) pebbled leather clutch/coin bag.

YES! You read it right.

Dooney & Bourke gifted little ole MEek with a FREE blogger gift with no expectations in return.  Just as a Thank You for wearing their products.  Man I am STOAKED.  Thanks Dooney & Bourke.  Your brand is like family to me and this gift is beyond a gesture that explains why I have been so loyal.  You guys ROCK!!!

To the Dooney & Bourke family, I appreciate the gift more than you know.  I openly accept your gift and thank you for your support of my efforts, fashion sense, and blog.  Let’s continue to make magic together.  Love!


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