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I’m into this whole fashion thing, you know it…you’ve seen it.  I believe that there’s so much to this “Fashion Thing”; therefore, I’ve decided to give you more.  More of what creates us and makes us who we are to become…the food, clothing, brains, health, love, and everything more.  That’s the so much more I’m planning to share, in which some of that sharing will involve giving.  So now you will get all the little trinkets in just one place.

So here’s what I’m talking about.  May is opening up a load of opportunities, to include several partnerships…Menchie’s of Alamo Ranch; Mary Kay Beauty Tips by Independent Beauty Consultant, Porsche Jackson; College Prep Tips and Counseling by Andrea Perry; and a fashion boutique, Seasons With Allie.  Each of these partners are not only going to offer great tips to you all for your daily lives, but also great deals to soften the blow to your pockets, also.  May is our BIG month.  The BIG Launch.  The BIG Giveaways.  I want you here to win something great.  All you must do is Follow the blog to be entered for a chance to WIN.  So it’s that simple. 
All hail to the GRAND Launch of Skinnee Girl Confidence.  3 years and counting. Do FOLLOW already and win something FREE! or be sorry you didn’t and don’t.  Teehehee!!

Great Giveaways!!!!

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