That is exactly what I am…dressed.

 So I said I like leather, boots, and blue; but I think I left out scarves.  I am in love with scarves.

  Basically, everything about cold weather…I love.  Bundling up just makes my day.  
The story behind this blue dress.  It’s a summer dress I grabbed from Gap that I  keep in the closet for get up and geaux days.  Those days are more often than not.  Every now and again, I actually dawl the piece up and get “Dressed”.  
 The pairing of royal blue and this peach/coral scarf warms my overall appearance.  I enjoy it.

 What else can you do with this dress?
On my run and geaux days, I wear Converse shoes.  For a night out with little time to get dressed, I wear sandals and a shawl.  How about a pair of leggings for a church Bible Study session.  Get creative and jazz it up.

Dress: Gap
Scarf: Wal Mart
Shoes: Steven purchased at Nordstrom Rack
Photographer: Hubs

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