esCAPEing The Norm. Be Your Own Style

Absolutely Stunning. Loving this blouse.

All too often, we feel as if we have to follow a trend.  And I’ll ask you the question.  Why

Owning your beauty is the prettiest attribute a person can possess

Why do you need to look like everyone else?

You don’t need to.  There’s no rule to it.  There are no laws behind it.  You can simply wear whatever, whenever; but not however.  Don’t take this statement the wrong way, because tacky is alive and well. It’s important to distinguish between style and tacky.  Sadly, more people tend to look tacky trying to be stylish.  It’s understood why, because everyone wants to be creative and unique; a trendsetter, but not everyone have that gift.  Without telling you your baby is ugly, I’ll give you a few TIPS to point you into the right direction.

cheers to a classy outfit

Let’s do it with style.

Take this outfit that I am wearing, for example.  I could have worn just the blouse and skirt minus the cape, which would have made for a nicely paired look; however, I wanted to add some extra umph; the cape was the umph.  Accessorizing the cape threw me into trendsetter mode.  Why? Because people are not wearing brooches anymore.  They are seen as those pin thingies ya grandmomma used to wear.  Well chile, they are no longer just those pin thingies; they are back and in full affect.  Not because anyone said-so, but because White House Black Market was selling them.  That caused me to give it a geaux.  And I purchased all three of these in one visit; yep, it was just that perfect for me to start a trend of accessorizing my blazers and jackets for the hell of it.  Because my style is a depiction of me.  My unique being measures up with my choices in clothing, jewelry, shoes, etc; which leads to creating styles that are priceless and trendsetting.  Each of us can do this, but without force.  Let it come natural.  When you try to be different, you generally fail.  Just allow your light to shine, just as it does when you naturally tell a mofo off for stepping on your brand new pumps; or for running up on your kid (my Louisiana ways coming out).  The kind of natural where you kill a look and didn’t even know it.  That’s what happened here.

Wow! I haven't seen a brooch in years. I love it

I just got dressed.

Which makes for the best looks; style; and trendiness.  A little about this outfit.  This blouse is a bodysuit, which I grabbed from ASOS.COM.  I literally fell in love with the neckline immediately once I saw it.  Who wouldn’t?  It’s covered in pearls, along with sequins; and the detail is phenomenal.  I was literally outdone at all of the beauty captured in this one blouse “let me at it, let me at it”.  That’s what my mind was saying as I entered my card number.  The top was less than $50; so it was definitely a worthy buy.  Then there’s this genuine, green leather skirt, which I grabbed from White House Black Market’s after-season sale for only $33.  That is right, $33.  I even had a friend grab one also.  This skirt retailed, all season, for $300.  That is beyond a steal.  It was a giveaway.  Thanks WHBM; I’ll take it.  Pairing the look with Gold Sandals was a simple decision. Had to keep the feet simple to not overpower the top.  Adding the scarf allowed the shoes to have a little attention, but nothing to focus; hence a non-patterned scarf.  Lastly, I added the cape to take away from my arms being exposed, since I was interviewing on a LIVE show (Beauty and The Boss).  It was the right occasion to add the cape, which did not overpower the blouse, but added that last layer of chicness to an already perfect look.

Fun in fashion is truly a style in itself

At this point, you should have some idea on turning your basic, plain look into a stylish/trendsetting outfit, which showcases your personality, uniqueness, and style; all by just getting dressed.  I want to know what takeaways you get from this post.  Share with me how you have attempted something different in your look, which did/did not work so well.  Let’s have fun enhancing our style and drop some TIPS for another potential fashionista.

A little closer look; enjoy the detail.

Pearls and sequin. Such a perfect combination

Thanks for stopping by.  Until next time, I’m out.


Back to life…Back to reality.

Smile. It warms your heart

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  • WOW!!! You look awesome!!!! I LOVE THAT TOP!!! That was truly a steal of a deal!!!! (pass it on when you’re done with it😘). The scarf bow on your ankle is just too cute!

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