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Now that you’ve given thought to regaining yourself (FIERCE, BOLD, CONFIDENT), loving you for you, and walking towards being confident, let’s talk about what you’re wearing; or not wearing.  Once we get that part out of the way, you’ll no longer need to speak…your fashion will speak for you.  That’ll be a WIN, WIN.

Love the ruffles and such a perfect coat

Defining your style is a direct reflection of who you are and what you want to say.   So often I hear a person saying, “I don’t have any style,” but it’s not just about going into a store swiping a card; it’s about understanding you and what’ll make you feel good.  You determine your style. Some people need a boost to assist with wearing certain pieces and others are just naturals at pairing leopard print with plaid (Fancy Friday feature, Marilena).

Let’s make magic.

Walk into your closet and grab a few pieces of clothing.  Preferably a pair of jeans, basic white/black tank, and your favorite shoe.  Now grab a blazer, necklace, earrings, and handbag to finish this look.  Add your own spin to the look however you choose. Once you’re done, add a color lipstick; walk to your mirror and snap a full body selfie.  Share on Skinnee Girl Confidence Facebook page.  I cannot wait to see all of you guys’ style from your point of view. This should be lots of fun.  Let the wardrobe games begin. 

Always use a good bun for a go to. You can never go wrong

CLOSET TIPS: If your goal in 2017 is to dress nicer and less in momma clothing you must do one BIG thing; rid your home of momma clothing.  All of the unnecessary school t-shirts; walk-for-a-cause shirt; sweat pants; athletic attire, etc.   Those are such comfort clothing that you end up wearing them often, which causes you to lose sight of your sense of style.  If you minimize the selection of that type of clothing, you are more likely to actually wear a nice outfit, boosting your confidence, regaining your style.  I own very little momma/lounge clothing.  I have really cute dresses that are super comfortable (seasonal options) as my replacement to momma clothing.  These dresses can be worn with sandals, flats, Converse, etc.  BTW, dress nice randomly one day and see what your spouse says.  Do share the responses you receive.  Even try looking nice at the kid’s school functions.  You will be noticed and you’ll feel all sorts of brand new.

Give it a shot.

For a few hints on how to pair your pieces in multiple ways, check out Going Somewhere

Wearing: Leopard print top, Distressed Skinny Leg Jeans, Suede choker, Skinny Belt, Leopard Print booties

Elegance is key. Such a cute look for a day on the town. I love it


Back to life, Back to reality…

Get the Look

Makeup by: Lili Bax

Love the red hair on this chica. Beautiful


Mom Series Photographer

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