Eye-Shadow Brushes

My weekend was enjoyed, as a dear friend joined visited from Louisiana.  On her trip, I learned so much about make-up, even purchased a Nude color lipstick and a Light Orangish color, which I would have never purchased on my own.  Here’s to education on how to better the look of your eye-shadow.  One thing I know for sure…Blend Baby, blend.

This video is only one of many to come.  Remember to join in to get more make-up tips right here on the blog.

Shunette Thomas-Jordan
Licensed Make-Up Artist
Lake Charles, LA

Our Make-Up artist works as a full-time Attorney, in which she represents clients under her private firm, D. Shunette Jordan Law Firm.   Shunette has chosen make up artistry as a hobby, which she is every devoted and continuing to grow.

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