Eye’m In Love

EYE’m still learning.
Forever and a day, I fought off wearing makeup…it was just too much fun getting up and going without having to add that one step.  BUT now…I am truly embracing the beauty that I have and adding a little WOW to go along with it.  What better way to glitz and glam then sassy, bold eyes.  

 I finally took to Pinterest, in hopes to learn how to add the sexy cat eyes, golden glitter, beautiful smoky creases, and ombre lipstick.  Naming my Board, Eye Need Help…and help is what I got.  Each of these looks were found on Pinterest.  They’ve truly helped me change how I apply my eye shadow.

This eye look is only to be worn on LSU game days.  GEAUX Tigers.  
I also fell in love with filling my eyebrows, which tend to look thin and straggly at times.  
Now I am cautious when I fill my brows, as I am not trying to have Nike checks across my face and surely don’t want to resemble a Masquerade character.  Teehehee!  Its very important to choose a natural tone brow liner for filling the brows.  Here is a quick guide to follow, which helps you outline and define those perfect brows.  
 After nearly a year, I am finally getting the hang of the brows and cat eyes.  It’s not the easiest; however, you can do it.  Besides, nothing about beauty has ever been easy and surely not painless.
 I usually don’t even apply foundation, just eyeshadow, mascara, and lipstick.
That makes for a quick 10-minute regimen and I am out of the door.

Lovely LIPSTICKS coming soon!

Ombre is the best.

Practice makes perfect.
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