Family Time Means…

family time.
When I give my all to my family that means no blogging; little Facebook and Instagram.  Doing this is a nobrainer for me; they come first.  You all know that I give tons of photos and very little info about my personal world because that’s how it should be.
So, here’s the little info and the lots of photos.
We traveled to Dallas for the weekend AND had a blast.
Claire is off to school, so we decided on one quick vacation before that day comes.
Now, the lots of photos.

This was so cool.  Claire’s reflection laying on her dad’s lap was captured with this fishie.
 The girls enjoying the view and a Purple n Gold fish LSU baby.
 Enjoyed a really neat cultural show right inside of the museum and a little sisterly love.
 Cydney, the least friendliest with adults, walks up to this little girl and befriends her.  Cute!
 Dressed alike for easier keeping up with amongst the other kiddos.  They enjoyed the waterfall.
 If that sloth would have moved, this little girl would have shut that Aquarium down. 
Since I’m a daddy’s girl.  Cydney and daddy.  It’s always those two together.

 The BIG TV 
The Girls and Water…its a must

 I think you all know why I took this photo.  Ha!
 Continuation of my LOVE for LSU…Baybeyyy 
 LSU former football stars.  I am no Dallas fan, but I roots for anything from the Alma Mater.
In The Locker Room
BUT of course.  50 yard Line.



 Not sure if they are ever going to become Lady Tiger Woods, but Putt Putt was a success
 It has been a Loooong time since I have been on a Go Cart and boy did I enjoy myself.
A quick, wet ride on these bumper boats.  Ahhhhhh!  It was a blast
…the end!!!

Monroe summer ends as we prepare for Claire’s first year of school.  Pre K here we come.

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