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For this week’s feature, I chose a Lady who is actually entrenched in fashion on a daily basis. She is an Entrepreneur in the city of San Antonio where she not only operate her own boutique, but has an eye and passion for fashion; which means she can style you as well. I was reluctant to take the long drive to HerStory Style Bar & Boutique due to my time consuming days of driving already; however, it was worth the drive. Kenyada’s presence and boutique is welcoming and she is very approachable for style tips. I enjoyed my shopping experience; therefore, I will share her with you all.

Kenyada Bell
is a mother of three, lover of fashion, and a corporate fox turned brand ambassador for a local women’s clothing store; HerStory Style Bar& Boutique, which she also owns and operates. After 13 years in the corporate world of finance, she decided to make one of her dreams come true. Her story was born on July 12, 2014 and has gained popularity in the short time it has been open. Although HerStory may be successful from the outside looking in, she has greater plans for the brand. Her true success to date is being the mother of 20 year old Alexys, 6 year old Bryson, and 5 year old Brayden. Instilling values, creating traditions, and being the best supporter I possibly can to these 3 is my largest goal in life. On the days that aren’t so great, they are my biggest cheerleaders, best supporters.. my inspiration.

What inspires your style? My style varies and is influenced by how I feel that particular day. I can be professional one day and edgy the next. The good thing about style is there is no right or wrong. With fashion, thinking outside the box is completely normal.

-What is your favorite season when it comes to dressing fashionably and why? My favorite season is winter. I love layering, scarves and hats, darker colors and boots

-Who is your fashion icon? 

My fashion icon is Victoria Beckham. Her style is everything to me. Being a mother like myself she dresses for the occasion. You’ll see her in a pencil dress and pearls one moment and boyfriend jeans and booties the next. She owns every look!!

What do you love most about getting dawled up?  
It creates a sudden increase in confidence. You can be having a horrible day but a cute outfit and nice lip can totally change the tone.

Is your style more for comfort or look
My style is a mixture of both look and comfort. To walk into a room and just your presence alone makes a statement is a great feeling. At the same time I like to be comfortable in my outfit selection. A sense of confidence comes from being comfortable in your look, owning it without the appearance of doing too much. I’m a heels girl and I find it hard to complete a look without them. Not because I can’t, but the moment I don’t wear heels, I wish I had. I guess I can say heels offer me a sense of comfort.


Where do you spend most of your time shopping? 

I shop a lot at my boutique. I tend to put a lot of my personal style into the store when I buy. If I don’t shop my boutique or a few other locals, I shop at Zara. I find the best accessories at Aldo’s and H&M is my backup.

Favorite designer? Why?

My favorite designer is definitely Balmain. There is a mix of classic, edge, sexy, vintage and even Victorian in every one of his looks. From bold splits, ruffles, flowy silhouettes, bold hues and subtle hues, all expectations are exceeded. It’s unpredictable, boldly feminine”.
-What piece of clothing is your go to? 
Denim is definitely my go to. Jeans, shorts, skirts, shirts. This is the easiest item to create the best outfit. I throw on converse to make it casual and a sleek pump to dress it up. You can never go wrong with denim.
It was a pleasure interviewing Kenyada for today’s post as she is definitely one of the trendsetters here in San Antonio, as I have seen.  I love everything she flaunts, especially the Victorian style shirt above and that colorful silk top.  Two snaps and a twist: FABULOUS!  You can keep up with HerStory Style Bar & Boutique by clicking the link.
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