Fancy Friday: Fashion Forward

Today’s Fancy Friday feature is a lovely lady who reigns as a wife, mom, business lady, hustler, and so much more.  I proudly feature the lovely Santana Mitchell.  Santana and I met so many years ago as we attended high school together.  Although we wore uniforms to school, which I did not care for, I felt like she always added a twist to that boring navy and khaki by wearing an accessory to share her style. She has sense become somewhat of a fashion powerhouse; owning her love for vintage wear, cool hats, and stylish sunnies.  Santana carries a crown of her own in this arena, as she is stylish and unapologetic.

I love fancy car and fancy clothes in one pictureSantana Mitchell is the owner at Eauxte bow tie line, an online boutique, yet based out of Lake Charles, Louisiana. The boutique specialize in creating easy-to-wear bow ties for all ages; and for males or females. At a very young age, Mrs. Mitchell recognized that God had given her a talent to see things differently. Her vision drove her to recreate things the way that she sees it. Mrs. Mitchell is also the co-owner of Faces of Fantasy Photography and BillboardGang Magazine.
Lemonade indeed. Yum
I'd sip this lemonade all day. Love all of the yellow            When asked a few questions to share what represents her style, hers what she had to say.
-What inspires your style?
Color really inspire my style. I love bold colors.
-What is your favorite season when it comes to dressing fashionably and why?
Fall is hands down my favorite season for fashion! I always get so excited to try all the latest styles and finding budget buys make it so easy to refresh my fall wardrobe. I love mixing a cute little dress with a pair of boots, just being able to mix the summer season with the fall season is always a lot f fun.
-Who is your fashion icon?
Lala Anthony is one of my most favorite fashion icons. Her style is so bold and free but yet very sexy.
-What do you love most about getting dawled up?
My favorite thing about getting dawled up is seeing my kids reaction and just feeling even more beautiful.

-Is your style more for comfort or look?My style is definitely more for comfort. Being comfortable and cute is my number one thing I keep in mind when shopping.
-Where do you spend most of your time shopping?
Most of my time is spent consignment shopping at our local Good Will and other stores in the area. I also Love Rue 21 they carry really cute and adorable pieces.

-What piece of clothing is your go to?
My go to pieces would have to be a tee shirt dress and high wasted jeans. Both pieces can be mix matched to create different fashionable looks.
Perfectly paired colors in this look. I like the olive
I love how Santana is not afraid to wear bold colors and mix patterns.  In this series of photos, my favorite is the yellow.  She looks absolutely stunning and yellow is just a lovely color on her.  I like how she kept the look toned down, since she’s before a yellow wall; however, it pops because of the pattern head wrap and colored shoes.  How has Santana inspired your style?
This chic is fierce and I Love it. Owning your own style
Well done beauty.  
Thanks for allowing me to share a piece of you with my followers.  

Back to life, Back to reality…
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