Fancy Friday: Fashion and Law

Back in October when I first began the Fancy Friday series, I featured a friend in my very first post, Fancy Friday: A Featured Attorneywhich was truly a success and testament to why this segment was necessary on the Skinnee Girl Confidence blog.  I reached out to La Cresha to learn if she could nominate any other ladies who were also fashionable in their daily attire, all while juggling a career, hobbies, and life.  She shared with me information on Deontrinelle (Deon) who is indeed a fashionista.  I stalked Deon on IG for a while before approaching her to be featured and luckily she accepted.  Read a bit on Deon and what her style is all about.  Enjoy!

Such an elegant lady in a well made suit.

Deontrinelle Green, Esq. is a legal analyst for her local governing authority.  Miss Green is a New Orleans native and graduated Magna Cum Laude from Louisiana State University in 2009 with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing.  She also graduated Magna Cum Laude from the Southern University Law Center in 2013 and was the top student in her graduating class.  She was a Senior Editor of the Southern University Law Review and received multiple awards and scholarships.  She was sworn into the Louisiana Bar in October 2013.  She expresses her creativity through fashion and paper flower crafting.  Her social media profile name “@law_n_fashion05”.  She is a lawyer and fashionista.  Who says you can’t be both?


1.What inspires your style? The whole process of getting dolled up and expressing how I feel at that particular time inspires my style.

2. What is your favorite season when it comes to dressing fashionably and why? Fall! Fall is perfect for layering, layering and more layering, darker lippies and nail lacquers, and of course, cute booties!

3. Who is your fashion icon? Kerry Washington and Tracee Ellis Ross.

4. What do you love most about getting dawled up?  The feeling of transforming myself; all of my senses are heightened.

5. Favorite designer?? Why?  AQ/AQ (formerly Aqua by Aqua) because they offer designs that are progressive and edgy. I consider every AQ/AQ piece in my wardrobe a statement piece.

This needs to be in my house immediately.

6. Is your style more for comfort or look?  Guilty! My style is definitely more for the look. Once I have a look in mind I have to go with it, regardless of comfort or the occasion.  “Overdressed” is not in my vocabulary!

7. Where do you spend most of your time shopping? Asos, Zara, and H&M are my go to stores for just about everything.

8. What piece of clothing is your go to?  Call me the Queen of coordinate sets (“co-ords”)!  My go to is any co-ord, whether it’s shorts with a matching kimono or a blazer with matching pants. As an attorney, I wear matching suits to work majority of the time. My “matchy-matchy” work style coexists with my personal style.  I am obsessed with co-ords because they are so versatile; it’s like having 3-in-1 when I wear the pieces separately. I have a collection of 15 co-ords (and counting) in my casual/non-work wardrobe.

Such a stunning picture.

I was thrilled to have interviewed Deon.  I learned that she and I are soooo much alike, especially in our love for fashion and clearly decorations.  I too admire the style of Tracee Ellis Ross and Kerry Washington; alongside the similarities of shopping at and H&M; on to loving to dress for the look and not comfort.  I have never worried about being uber comfortable; I wanted to look hella cute.  And yessss, “overdressed” is an ugly, rude word to describe a fashionista.  Deon, I love your style, charisma, and honesty.  Well done on your accomplishments and kudos to your paper flower craft company.  That is one amazing talent to possess.  Can I please get your services down in San Antonio.

Guys, that sums it up.  Another fashionista in the Fancy Friday history books.


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