Fancy FRIDAY: Inside My Style

I am MEek and this is INSIDE My Style
Not only am I in love with my legs; being the true highlight of my overall physique; I love my hair.  My hair has become a staple as well, considering I am able to wear it so many different ways.  In this look, I blew out my natural curls to get my hair straight and curled individual pieces with a rod iron for this curly look.  Since my face is a bit more Oval shaped, wearing my hair in the front really enhances my cheek bones and face shape.  I totally love that about my appearance in this look.

Interestingly, I found a pair of knee high socks from Hot Topic that are actually a decent fit and length.  In this look, I was going for a night out style.  Something that I can quickly get dressed in when I receive that last minute call from a friend, “let’s paint the city tonight chic”… “I’m on my way”, is generally my response.  I wouldn’t say that I am a party girl (at least not anymore, shoes have been retired), but honey I will dance the night away.  I paired a bodysuit, dark denim, high waist shorts, a Camo green vest, and tall booties to get this stunning Run The World look.  My inner Beyonce REIGNS.

Bodysuit: Nordstrom
Shorts: Gap
Vest: T.J. Maxx
Booties: H&M
Socks: Hot Topic
Jewelry: T.J. Maxx (choker) & Garage Sale (Earrings)

I have embraced my style, by continuing to dress every part of me in what fits for my body.  I have learned that I cannot wear certain shorts anymore because of my long legs, as I want to keep a classy flare going in all that I wear.  When I do opt to wear shorter shorts, I will add patterned stockings, which does not overwhelm the look; however, makes me look less revealing.  On this Friday night, I actually plan to do just that.  Stay tuned.
Fridays are dedicated to looking fancy, hence FANCY FRIDAY posts are written.  I have decided to begin featuring some of my followers on Fancy Friday.  Join me back here next week to see who will kick off this super cool post idea.  

Back to life, Back to reality…
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