Fancy Friday: “Love You Lady”

Some months ago, I crossed paths with a Lady who I’d never expected to meet.  All too often I’m the friend giving expecting nothing in return; therefore, I never expect a friend to do anymore for me than the basic hello; how was your day; how’s your family; catch ups.  I’m grateful that our paths crossed.  This Fancy Friday feature is more than just a fancy dresser; she’s a fancy Soul.  A fancy soul is something we’re born with.  It’s a personality which comes naturally.  I am proud to share with you all a Fancy Friday Lady I’m grateful for adding to my inner circle.  I’m sharing her with you all selfishly, because I’m holding her dear to my heart as I want nothing more than good people to encounter her vibes.  She deserves the best people around her.  Love you Lady.  Stacy Teet is my feature on today.  Enjoy her threads and interview.   Let us know who you are grateful for on today.

I love this smile and little black dress.  Every lady needs one.

Stacy Teet is a small town girl who chased her dreams and travelled the globe.  Lucky enough to marry her best friend, she settled down (a bit), had 3 amazing kids, left the military and moved halfway around the world to San Antonio, Texas to raise her family. 

When Stacy joined Twitter on her last day of active duty, she had no idea she was taking the first steps towards a new career.  She was simply looking to connect with like minded people. Seven years later, she’s built some amazing communities and a personal brand with more than half a million followers across various social networks.
Turns out, her background in global communications, data analysis and ability to identify and predict trends made her a savvy social influencer, sought after creative campaign advisor and social media consultant for family-friendly brands across the country. These days she’s coming into her own — freelancing, playing photographer, discovering her self-confidence and inner fashionista all while running a side business with her best friend.
Happy busy with a purpose, just the way she likes it.
So love the colors together in this look.  The neckline on the shirt is neat, too
What inspires your style?
I am most inspired by colors, textures and patterns that speak to me. I spent so much of my life wearing nothing but work uniforms and camouflage, I really just want to surround myself in bright colors and prints that make me happy.
What is your favorite season when it comes to dressing?
I love fall! Not just for the change in temperatures and cozy feeling, but cause I finally get to wear all my favorites layers, scarves and sweaters, dresses and boots, tunics and leggings. Everything feels like pajamas but you look made up, it just can’t get any better!
Love this little black dress so much
Who is your fashion icon?
Oh boy, you know I have never really thought about this much. I draw most of my inspiration from Pinterest .. and now Instragram!! So many amazing ladies with killer fashion sense. If you check my style boards and folders on my desktop you’ll most likely find photos of Michelle Obama (the epitome of style and grace), Olivia Palmero (she makes chic looks so easy), Julia Roberts and Drew Barrymore (it’s all in the hair and the smile, am I right) and Jessica Alba (I love how she can go from dressed down to red carpet and still look 100% herself).
What do you love most about getting dawled up?
Honestly, I don’t do it very often! At least, I didnt used to. I got lost for a few years like I think many moms do and sort of forgot about ME. I gave up on myself and any notion of having a sense of style or look.  I’ve spent the last year and half really learning and witnessing that when I feel good, my family feels good and when I feel amazing … I can share that gift with others too.  I’m loving finding more and more chances to get dressed up these days
I love all the things I’ve seen coming down Valentino runways the last few seasons. Again … color and print, of my! I’m really rooting for Zendaya, she has an AMAZING style to be so young and knows exactly who her girl is. She’s determined to create high fashion for everyday girls and price tags. I dig that and for her sake and mine, I hope she succeeds!!
Such a beautiful top, which truly brings out this ladies eyes.
Is your style more for comfort or look?
Definitely comfort, if I don’t feel comfortable in what I’m wearing. It shows, I’m still working on the being comfortable in “whatever I’m wearing” part 🙂
Where do you spend most of your time shopping?
Honestly, I do all of my shopping .. ONLINE. I use apps like ShopStyle and find tons of great stuff through fashion bloggers on Instagram.
-What piece of clothing is your go to?
I think my go to item is actually a paper bead necklace I wear ALL THE TIME made by a young mother in Uganda. I spent several months there in my 20’s and even had my wedding dress handmade while I was there at a dress shop in Kampala. It’s a one of a kind piece I will cherish forever. As for clothing, right now it’s my Old Navy rockstar skinny jeans and stretchy pencil skirts I can dress up or down. I’m on the run constantly and go from work to mom mode just like that. These pieces help me feel like the right me, no matter what the situation calls for.

Smile and say cheese

Even better for me, Stacy allowed me to photograph her for this post (deep turquoise and black dress looks), which is completely opposite of what I’m accustomed too.  You all know, I’m good at being photographed.  This project showed me that I just might be a decent photographer ONE DAY.  I enjoyed this session and this featuring this lady.  Thanks again Stacy.

Back to life, back to reality…
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