Fancy Friday: A Punch of Leopard

Sometime ago I met a lovely lady, Marilena Gerosa, at Culebra Smiles & Orthodontics, as I visited for a routine ortho appointment.  I knew I’d never seen her before; her style was too good to go unnoticed.  Me being the motivational, supportive woman that I am, I immediately complimented her style.  She was wearing a denim button down shirt paired with a tutu skirt and the most perfect leopard print flats.  We immediately began to talk about fashion and I shared with her that I was a fashion blogger.  How ironic, she was also a blogger on the fitness side.  Of course we never stopped being connected since that day.  I too paired a denim top with a tutu skirt and leopard print shoes; afterall, I was just that inspired by what she was wearing.  It was so important to me for her to know that I loved the look that much that I visited her at work on photo shoot day to show her my outfit.  Girl power! Without further ado, I share with you a newfound fashionista friend as my Fancy Friday for today.  Enjoy her interview.

(in her words) Hey everyone! My name is Marilena and I recently moved to San Antonio.  I grew up in Austin and have always been drawn to the bright, bolder prints in life for as long as I can remember.  I always had on something that was a little fashion forward and not what everyone else was wearing, I thank my mom for encouraging me to express myself and do what I thought looked good, eventhough there were many times it was better as a thought.  I went off to school and studied Fashion Merchandising and fell in love with the visual side of things.  I worked for several retailers but quickly realized I love wearing the pieces more than working with them and made a career change to support my love!  I learned at a really young age that leopard print is a neutral and can elevate any outfit when done correctly. Because of this, I always try to incorporate a little leopard with anything that I have on!


What inspires your style? I have been known to wear some bold prints and bright colors, but what is the common denominator is a classic feel. I have had many of the pieces I wear every week for YEARS but they have managed to transcend the years and can work in any environment.

What is your favorite season when it comes to dressing fashionably and why? Fall. This is a no brainier. I love layering, I love the fall colors with pops of bright hues, and leopard print looks good with anything fall

Who is your fashion icon?  I can’t think of a particular person, but I love the aesthetic and style of J.Crew, specifically their Creative Director Jenna Lyons. She has a classic look but isn’t afraid to mix prints.

What do you love most about getting dawled up? I love being able to express myself. It is exciting to be able to create new outfits and ensembles with everything I already have in my closet. I love taking risks, too. Sometimes they are a flop and look way better in my head but some have become a go to outfit!

Favorite designer?? Why? I really do have so many at different price points, but again J.Crew, not an actual designer but brand, fits me perfectly. There are so many different pieces from collection pieces to every day t-shirts and blazers that have that classy, yet designer feel. I also love anything Kate Spade, Milly and Clover Canyon.

Is your style more for comfort or look?  It really depends on what I am getting dressed for, but the older I have gotten I have tried to find pieces that are more comfort based, mostly in shoes.

Where do you spend most of your time shopping?  For work – J.Crew (can you tell I love them the most?!); for working out Carbon 38.

What piece of clothing is your go to? I would definitely say my ‘uniform’ includes some sort of skinny jean, over the knee boot, long sleeve top and puffer vest during the fall.

It was a pleasure chatting with Marilena about her love for fashion and so welcoming to add her to my circle of fashionistas for a lifetime.  To keep up with what she has going on over time, check out A Punch of Leopard.

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  1. Engagement photos by Jillian Hogan Photography
  2. Photo on stairs by Anna Angenend Photography
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