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Today’s lovely lady is an inspiration here in San Antonio for bloggers and mommies looking to maintain their fashion persona after children; Mrs. Tori Johnson.  Once Tori and I formerly met, it felt as though I’d known her for a while; as I’d heard so many great things about her shared by others.  For me, Tori’s style is both fashionable and welcoming.  It shares with an average woman that she too can replicate those looks with the confidence necessary to pull it off.  I am a sucker for professionalism and class and Tori exhibits these characteristics without attempt.  That’s the kinda lady I like on my radar.  I am happy to share Tori Johnson with you all on today and I know you will enjoy her interview on how fashion is apart of her.  Here’s to a standout lady; in her own words.

Tori Johnson is the owner of sTORIbook Public Relations, fashion and lifestyle blogger of The sTORIbook, as well as commercial and editorial stylist. She has been voted San Antonio Fashion Blogger of the Year for the past two years and was named one of Neiman Marcus’ Women Who Rock.

She has worked with a bevy of top names including Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, H&M, Lancôme, Armani Exchange, David Yurman, Target, and many more. In addition to her roles as public relations professional and blogger, Tori is the Style Editor for The Society Diaries Magazine as well as the host of The Society Diaries TV.

Tori received a Bachelor of Science in Journalism from Texas A&M University and currently resides in San Antonio, Texas. She married her college sweetheart, Russell Johnson, and is mom to two beautiful little boys


  1. What inspires your style?

I find inspiration all around me. Whether it is from classics like Jackie Kennedy to celebrities and even fellow bloggers – my personal style is constantly evolving. Living (and working) in the world of social media means that I am surrounded by inspiration allowing me to experiment with different looks while still staying true to who I am.

  1. Would you say that you are more daring or comfortable in your style? Why?

I’d definitely say it depends on the day! As a mother my “every day look” frequently consists of athleisure. I have been loving the growth and trends that have been taking place in athletic apparel recently. You can be comfortable while still chic. But if I’m out and about I like to dress for the occasion while always trying to incorporate stylish touches that are on trend or perhaps push the boundaries a bit so I can standout.

  1. How are you different in your sense of fashion?

I definitely have a flare for glam! I think I inherited this from my grandmother (aka Nannie). Give me a fabulous fur or some sequins any day of the week!

  1. What was your best purchase of clothing/shoe/accessory?

My two favorite items in my closet I actually didn’t purchase.  The first is two fur coats that I inherited from my grandmother. Not only are they incredibly stylish but they mean a lot to me. The second is my favorite pair of shoes! Remember those stunning blue shoes from Sex in the City? I was gifted a pair of them from Sarah Jessica Parker’s shoe line and they still make me drool.

  1. Who is your fashion icon?

I honestly have quite a few but if I have to pick one I’d pick Jackie Kennedy. Her grace and charm was epitomized by her style. Her wardrobe was always impeccably tailored and truly set the bar for, not only fashion for First Ladies, but also for all women today.

  1. What designer has your heart?

For a while now I’ve really been loving what Stacy Bendet of Alice and Olivia has been doing. She knows a woman’s body and her designs are a mix of classic with edge.

  1. If you had to describe your style in one word, what word would you choose?

Evolving. I’m in my 30s now and I can really see a style transition happening. I think with age you come in to your own and your true style begin to solidify. That’s the fun thing about a person’s style though. It’s constantly changing.

  1. What’s the most you’d pay for a pair of shoes?

Can I plead the Fifth?! Hubs might kill me!

  1. What does your style say about you?

I hope it speaks to a level of confidence. No matter what I wear (even if it’s a pair of yoga pants) I hope that I can resonate confidence in who I am as a person underneath those clothes.

Tori, I too drooled over those SJP shoes.  That lady is by far a favorite of mine and definitely a fashion icon for me.  Thanks for sharing your fashion with us and hope to collab again soon.  Gals and guys; read up on everything happening in the sTORIbook at .


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