Fancy in NYC – Reminiscing…

Which is the same as TBT.

I love leopard print

At least that’s how I see it since I am so old school and love using words over acronyms.  For whatever reason, I seem smarter.  Teeheehe!

I can truly say that I am typing this post just for the hell of it, because I don’t have much to say, which never ever happens with me.  I am always full of stories, questions, and just a whole lot of talk; but right now, I am blank.

I super enjoyed this shoot with Vonecia Carswell, although I froze my tush off while doing it.  It makes you think about how life is though.  If you don’t shoot for the moon and grab the stars, you’ll me stuck trying to figure out what it’s like.  I don’t ever want that to be my life.  I always want to live of life where I know exactly what it could have been, because I did the reaching every single time.  Crazy how this picture gave me words.  Now I feel even smarter.

If you haven’t noticed it yet, I love to get dressed up and take pictures.  Not so much because I think I am super pretty, which I do, but because I like to show off how threads look together.  I actually hate combing my hair and applying make-up, but pics with no face seem to scare people off; at least it does to my followers.  So I am stuck giving you the full affect every time.  Guess it’s okay though, that’s why I signed up to be a fashion blogger in the first place.

What makes life great for you?  For me, it’s definitely being free with fashion.


Back to Life, Back to Reality…


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