Fashion At Work


Seriously the biggest challenge people face is switching up their clothing to crest new looks.  In my case, it’s been a bit different for the past few months. I’m currently working from home; therefore, not required to ‘dress to impress’ on a daily basis any longer.  My wardrobe is only used for appointments, evening events, social gatherings, church, and weekends.  During the week, when I do have appointments, I am overly excited to dress up.  So here’s what happened in “Meek’s Closet”.

The Look

I am wearing some cropped pants from Gap paired with a sheer 3/4 length sleeve sweater from Loft.  Both items were purchased last year at the end of the season…best time to shop.  I added the Orange Philip Lim handbag, which I purchased from Saks Fifth Avenue the day after Christmas. This bag retails for $800 and I snagged it for only $89.  SMART SHOPPING at its best.  That lovely Flower scarf is a piece from Season With Allie Boutique.

Now enjoy my look.  My ‘work from home’ look.

In all that you do, have fun.  Fashion is not always serious; smile, laugh, and have fun.  
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