Fashion Bomb Daily: That Bomber Jacket

A basic trip to Neiman Marcus led to a purchase, which just so happen to be an Alice+Olivia bomber jacket, worn by Iggy Azalea and R&B singer Monica.  I generally don’t care about who wore what, but that did spark a little fire inside of me, making me know that I need this bomber in my closet.  I think you’l love it too.  This bomber is super chic and definitely one-of-a-kind.
I paired the fancy bomber with a pair of highly distressed jeans from Asos and a top purchased at HerStory Boutique, here in San Antonio.  It took a second for me to decide on the right pair of booties.  Should I push the gold booties to match with my handbag or pull through with an all black color scheme and allow the red flowers to be bold.
  I chose the Black Booties.  I like the red flowers too much to take away the attention from the bomber.  It’s very important in every look to decide which piece to focus your outfit around.  I generally start with that piece and dress around it.  This helps you choose the best accessories, perfect shoe, and whether or not you go with a large, medium, or small handbag; patent or smooth leather; and/or gold or silver accessories.  I failed to mention that I added chains to these jeans to give them a flare different from what we are used to seeing.  These jeans have large openings in the thigh area, which most people wear as is.  I wanted to go with something different.  I added chains to the jeans to give them an extra flare.  I can now wear them with a basic white tank and they’ll make the loo pop because of the chains.  Check out the full look.  Let me know what you think.
Fall in love with this bomber.

Top: HerStory Style Bar & Boutique
Jeans: Asos
Jacket: Alice + Olivia purchased at Neiman Marcus
Shoes: Vince Camuto purchased at Dillard’s
Handbag: Rebecca Minkoff purchased at Nordstrom Rack
Photo cred: Cody Monroe
This crop top is so perfect because of the bow at the neckline.  
I absolutely adore that feature for such a basic black tank.
There’s always a little time for fun in daily living, RIGHT? 
Next time you shop Neiman Marcus, look out for some cool pieces that you too can rock like a celebrity and bomb the scene.  
Back to life, back to reality…
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