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Some time ago, I was lucky enough to meet a beautiful lady, who has class and is very poised; might I add, in her walk with God throughout life.  Although I’ve not spent a ton of time around her in person; I’ve learned so much about her through 1 of her children, my SNL, and her Facebook news-feed.  Most FB news-feeds are a tad bit interesting and annoying; to say the least, but Mrs. Romunda’s is one of experience and wisdom.  From every post to every picture, you are living through her life of love and experience.  Experience of womanhood; motherhood; spouse-hood; teacher-hood; Chrsitian-hood; and the most inspiring of all LADYLIKE-hood.  Mrs. Romunda is a true fashionista with a classy kink.  I enjoy all of her threads and especially her handbags.  Trust me, these photos will share with you how she gets down in the fashion arena.  I chose to share Mrs. Alexander with my followers because we need this inspiration to keep our walks in life on a path that will lead to this place where she is today; EXPERIENCED.  Experienced in what the world has to offer; yet, okay with being a Lady outside of it all.  As I shared with her, we can choose to succumb to the world of what a lady is to represent in 2016; a half-naked, overly busted, implanted backside, hoochie short rocking, Botox injecting figurine; or simply be our OWN.  I chose to follow her path; being my own.  Going against the norm and simply representing class, elegance and sophistication; which she has done.  I present to you an Experienced Lady with a lifelong journey ahead.
 Such a lovely lady aging so gracefully. The dress is very chic
Romunda Alexander is blessed with the gift of music and a love for children.  She plays the piano and organ, and sings; in her role as a Minister of Music. Mrs. Alexander is employed with the Humble Independent School District as an In-Class Support Para-Educator.  In the classroom, she helps students who need extra attention to keep pace with their learning objectives.  Outside of the classroom and dating back to her teenage years;  playing instruments and singing came naturally.  Passions for building students self-esteem in the education arena and music are rewarding for her.  She lives in Humble, Texas with her husband of 31 years and they have two adult children.  She loves traveling, spending time with her family, and shopping.
Ladies in black always look classy.
What inspires your style
– I find inspiration from classy and elegant attire I see in numerous magazines and international travel to fashion meccas like Milan, Italy and Paris, France.
What is your favorite season when it comes to dressing
– Fall and winter are my best times for fashion. Accenting outfits with nice scarfs, jewelry, handbags, sweaters and the right shoes or boots is so much fun and allows you to express your individual tastes while keeping up with the latest trends in colors and styles.
Who is your fashion icon
– There are several ladies who really deserve mentioning when it comes to having the look I admire.  Lynn Whitfield, Michelle Obama, Gale King and Angela Bassett. Sorry I couldn’t pick just one. They are ageing with such style and grace.
What do you love most about getting dawdled up
– The joy of coordinating from head to toe. Finding the right colors that compliment my natural hair color, then selecting the size and patterns for the perfect fit and flow of the outfit. It’s fun.
Favorite designer?  Why
– I don’t really have a favorite designer.  I just have an eye for what I like and what fits comfortably. I am always looking for a collection that  is fresh with class.
Is your style more for comfort or look
– Comfort for sure, but I always try to make sure my look is sharp, stylish and together.
Where do you spend most of your time shopping?  
– In the U.S., I visit malls from coast-to-coast and make an effort to do business with local boutiques and minority-owned stores as well.  Outside the U.S., shopping in Milan is amazing, and Hong Kong offers more because of the large number of tailors who can assemble any look you desire. For shoes and handbags, I found Portugal and Seoul South, Korea to have great quality, comfort and selection. Jewelry and scarves from Spain and the best prices on perfumes were in Dubai.

What piece of clothing is your go to? 
– Skirts and dress suits are always my first choice.
There's never a bad time to show a little sass.
I am pleased to use the Fancy Friday platform to be able to offer to my followers a Lady who has graced the shopping arena from different countries.  Who has experienced more in threads and accessories than I have imagined, thus far.  Someone who I can look up to for fashion inspiration on an International level.  Please share some comments with me on what you think about this beautiful Lady who can inspire us all.
Everything in life works perfectly with style and a smile. Red never fail you either.
Until next time,
Back to life, back to reality…
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