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My first choice in how I choose to dress is CLASS.  Class is showcased in my outer appearance, as well as, in my attitude and daily personality.  I am not confessing that I hold the same class in all situations, but it seeps through as my most evident characteristic.  With class being my go-to with my fashion sense, I have chosen to follow the style of none other than Tracee Ellis Ross.  Falling in love with Tracee, when she played Joan, on Girlfriends, I have continued to keep a close watch on everything that she does in fashion.  She is my absolute favorite and a true staple of class, indeed.  Tracee also has a rather humorous, quirky personality, which we have all lived through her IG feed; and continuous to embrace her age.  She hasn’t hid from the years that continue to grace her blessed life.  I am proud to chose T.E.R. as the lady I model my looks after, as she can make anything look like a million bucks and definitely worth the stare.  See for yourself.

As a lover of leather, this leather jumpsuit is everything.  I haven’t seen anyone rock this yet, but she is wearing it with lots of confidence and truly giving leather a face-lift.  Although we know there is no bra underneath and she shoes a little mid cleavage, it does not take away from the fact that she is a classy lady.  This just gives us a tad bit of edgy from a stylish perspective and I love it.

 PIC 1: You see T.E.R. flaunting a very comfortable, fitted, hoodie dress.  This dress has been seen at many fashion shows, here in S.A.; and looks equally as great each time worn.  Definitely a piece for comfort, but nothing at all like a moomoo for running errands.  I would truly wear this with Converse or Booties to run errands and a pair of pumps for late night fun.  PIC 2: In this look, you get reality.  This is actually a look that you and I can pull from our closet and flaunt.  It speaks volumes to me how she wear looks that brings us back to reality.  A look that I can pull from my very own closet and flaunt for a Happy Hour with friends, casual Friday, or 5th Sunday at church.  Either way; realistic.

In this pic, we get a pencil shirt, in DENIM, with ruffle detail.  Although not something I can grab from a shelf in a department store, definitely something to stare at a love.  I love denim, which makes the skirt even more of a want for my closet.  I truly love the fit of a pencil skirt for my frame.  Lastly, ruffles done right, are an addition to be remembered.  This skirt is everything. My friend La’Shunda will love this piece and probably start finding a way to own it…as I am doing.

In this picture you have 2 lovely ladies wearing a wide leg romper.  I am in love with the yellow, but my favorite is the turtleneck long-sleeved one.  This is truly a hot piece and I am hopeful that I can snag something like that this Winter to flaunt with my faux fur vest.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is where I get my love for classy stylish looks from, the infamous Tracee Ellis Ross.  Share with me who’s fashion has inspired you.
Back to Life, back to reality…
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