Feeling Myself

Image result for beyonce in feeling myselfSome time go Beyonce and Nicki Minaj collaborated to make this fancy song, Feeling Myself.  Not only was the song increasingly popular, but the phrase “Feeling Myself” became a daily hashtag on so many ladies’ Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.  I will tell you my definition of “Feeling Myself'”, so that you are aware of what I mean if I choose to hashtag the phrase.
When I think of feeling myself…I look at my accomplishments and hard work, which led to those accomplishments, in which I am also setting new goals to go further in my success.  Being in sales requires a lot of patience, confidence, and a feeling myself type of attitude.  This allows you to celebrate what you have done and motivates you to conquer even more.
Beyond just a fancy video and catch phrase: the two ladies are total fashionistas…when wearing a suitable amount of clothing.  If you have not noticed, I am a fan of style with class…not naked and trashy.  Enjoy these photos of the two Divas along with the video for “Feeling Myself”.
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