Fenty of Fashion

Just so you know; I have little to no lounge wear.  There are very many reasons why, but the biggest that comes to mind is the fact that jogging/wind/lounge pants do not come in 37″ inseam.  For those who do not know; inseam is the length of pant legs, which is how I prefer to buy my pants because I, my friends, have a “long legged problem”.

So, there you have it.

Well contrary to that FACT about me, I have found some of the most comfortable slides ever invented and by gosh I am in love.  I purchased the slides for look; had no idea how they fit and quite honestly it didn’t even cross my mind; they were so PURTY.  Don’t get me wrong, I know PUMA makes comfortable shoes, but again; didn’t think it through.  I was stuck on satin and satin was clearly ready to be stuck on MEek.  So I purchased PUMA Fenty by Rihanna Satin Bow Slides after seeing a friend of mine wearing the PUMA Fenty fur slides.  I wanted this collection so badly that I put a reminder in my phone for the March release date at Nordstrom.  As soon as that notification went off, I went to ordering.  Just know that the slides are worth the hype, price, and love.  They truly are everything and I cannot wait for her to release more.  I am hopeful that she and I can vibe off of these cool shoes; not to mention her SUPER RAD style.  I love RiRi.  I am not die hard for her, but the chick slays.

Rihanna’s collection with Fenty is so much more than the comfortable slides.  She truly rocked out with these designs and I wish I could have them all.  WISH LIST: The OTK boots, Platform tennis shoes, Booties; yep, I want it all.  In this collection, an A for effort is beneath how great of a style they created.  I am blown away that PUMA came through this way.  Just enjoy the beauty, love, and fun our boo created.  It’s truly beauty in style.

Fenty of Fashion

The Olive Fenty Slides are similar in perfection.  A fellow fashionista, also my cousin, rocking this lovely pair of PUMA Fenty Slides.  Emma Brown, I luh ya.  Smooches!

Since Nordstrom had a brain fart in getting my Fenties (new word) out to me in time; they sold that many, you beautiful people will have to wait to see me create greatness in these beauties, but in the meantime love the colors and definitely the frames.  Smooches!


Back to Life, Back to Reality…

Fenty fits in with the room.  We are fenty happy in fashion.

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