Fierce, bold, and beautiful. Such a lovely dressed, nicely paired with these boots. Eye catching

That’s that one area millions of beautiful ladies struggle with.  It’s that one area that cause adolescent girls to go astray. It’s that one area that molds us towards what/who we can be.  It’s that one area that I want to help every woman fix.  It’s an area that can be worked on with clothing.  Yep, clothing.

Unlike education, personality, and characteristics; we can be stripped of our confidence; self esteem; and self worth. Whether it’s due to a bad breakup, weight gain, health issues, stress, or body changes due to pregnancy (all of these actually fit together); you can regain sense of self again and be the woman you’ve desired.

I too had issues with my body, self-esteem, and confidence.  From adolescence on into my adult years; especially after pregnancy.  I’m speaking to you from experience.

Oh my goodness, what a statement piece of jewelry. Such a lovely arm cuff

Back down memory lane…as a teenager, I grew sporadically the Summer prior to 10th grade.  I was already a toothpick; now I was a toothpick with long legs.  Talk about a bad combination.  At least that’s what I thought, because I was always teased by my peers.  That growth spurt done was something fierce to my confidence and a hard pill to swallow during puberty.  Now, when I think of those days, I remember when I truly felt confident in “me”, even though I was being teased.

Now you think back to when you wore your best dress (story from Anna Angenend) and felt like a million bucks; which put you on a hill that no one could climb to touch you…how’d you REALLY feel?  That dress that defined your eyes, matched well with your creamy lipstick, and brought out that beautiful skin tone; oh wasn’t that the greatest feeling.  Not only did you feel great, you felt confident.  A confidence that no one could take away.  A confidence that you lived within; in that very moment.  A confidence that could one day become your daily YOU.  That’s the confidence we want to regain.  As you wandered, in your dress, into the crowds getting the stares, compliments oohs, and ahhs, boy did you feel great.   BTW…that was the cherry on top.  Not the icing to your moist cake, only a cherry on top; because you define your confidence (moist cake), not the cherry.  Stick with me and I will get you where you need to be; I promise. 

Looking to wow the crowd, these boots will do it. Holy moly they are perfect.

In the meantime, check out Closet Essentials to learn of the basic essentials you need in your closet as we move through this journey.  Tell your non confident 2016 self to “KICK Rocks”.  

Are you ready?  

Totally in love with how this look comes together. Perfectly paired

Wearing: Dress, Boots, Tie, Jacket, Arm Cuff, Earrings, Handbag/Clutch, Bracelets


Back to life, Back to reality…


Makeup by: Lili Bax

Love the red hair on this chica. Beautiful


Mom Series Photographer

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  • Through this difficult time in my life I have found that beautiful easy clothes have helped me when I need to be out in public. But ultimately my faith has helped me the most on feeling ok on inside.
    And girl!! I love those boots. 👢😘

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