Flowers are Planted

Elegant reigns supreme. Loving this look

This Spring Fashion has a ton to offer.  Amongst all of the trendy items is floral patterned pieces.  The fashion industry is booming right now with a floral epidemic.  Even more popular is an epidemic of pairing floral with other prints.

Surprisingly, it totally works.

Patterns are rocking this Spring

Wearing your cute floral pieces with stripes, lace, gingham, window pane, etc has swarmed this year’s Spring must have list.  Not only should you own many floral pieces, you must own stripes to pair them with.  Stripes were the “it” thing in last year’s trend and they haven’t left yet.  Oh, and please do not forget the polka dots.  Polka dots are also reigning supreme being worn with floral pieces.  I love, love polka dots.

This blouse speaks measures.


Please do not forget about the colorful handbags. They make your look just that much more fancy.  I love this vibrant green handbag, which I grabbed from Banana Republic on Clearance, of course, for about $35.  The handbag is genuine suede and very well made.  I absolutely love how it pairs very well with this “walk on the beach” outfit right in time for Spring/Summer weather.  BTW, these linen pants are also a Banana Republic find, but from last year’s collection.  These came in 34″, so they were a must by for me.  The blouse comes from  The place that I shop for most of my pieces since they offer trendy, chic, professional, formal, and edgy pieces; which are generally true to size.  Check them out!


Since our main focus in fashion is generally on celebrities, check out how they rock floral.

Kourtney Kardashian’s look gives a bold statement as she shows off her ability to wear stripes and floral in one look.  I am in love with her choices.  And of course, I am digging the denim shirt paired with a floral skirt.  Brilliant.

Can’t leave out these ladies; Bey and Rih, especially; Rihanna.  She is a fashion statement all by herself.  She has always been perfect in that category without fault.  I truly admire her ability to make any style trend.  She shaves one side of her head and every lady is hairless on that side.  She colors her hair burgundy/red and there go a ton of newfound redheads.  The girl is just a force to reckon with when it comes to style.  I love her for that.

Make sure you check out the best floral print looks currently swarming the fashion industry.  You will fall in love.


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