Forever Love PINK & a Perfect Denim Day Look

I can truly say that RED is my fashion color.

What a lovely pink blazer

BUT this pink cape is giving me life.  I have enjoyed this piece since I first saw it and sadly, I do not flaunt it enough.  My proudest moment this year has been when I was chosen to represent the fashionable employees at American Express and I was amongst my colleagues around the world whose photo was chosen to grace the HOME page of our American Express Intranet.  So many people reached out to share that they adored my style and loved that pink blazer.  It was definitely a week of fame for me.  I enjoyed every moment of it; by far.  This cape has gotten me so much love.  Grabbed the item from Flawless Fashionistas Boutique in San Antonio, Texas.

Paired with my second love to leather; DENIM, it was a perfect match.

I choose to make life easy in the clothing that I choose.  Especially with a cape as such.  I would also pair this cape with polka dots (black & white or navy & white); black; all white; and many other lovely assortments to make the cape pop.  Just remember to never overpower the appearance of this beauty.  Cheers!


Back to Life…Back to Reality.

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