Getting Wiser

Because I’m getting older.

Today I celebrate…life, love, family, and friends. …the many blessings God has been so kind to bestow upon me. …and most importantly the breath of air I’m breathing daily with a healthy body and stable mind.

I’d say Success, but then I’d be lying.  I’ve done so many things in this lifetime, thus far; yet have so far to go.  I’ll say accomplishments.  My hustle has far exceeded my expectations at this age.  I have continued to seek ways to be better and learn more.  I always want to be the person people look to for wisdom, not advice.  People never hear through advice; they’re just listening to words being spoken.  Giving a person a piece of wisdom through your experience holds weight in word and is sure to advise a person’s journey ahead.  With that being said, my journey isn’t even in the middle stages; I’m just getting started.

Now that I’ve said a mouthful, let’s party.

To my husband, thanks for knowing that I’m not perfect; but I’m worth it.  To our children, mommy got you two little princesses.  To my surrogate parents (Sharon Mason & Terrell and Andrea Perry), thanks for having my back in this lifetime.  Ya’ll are the true MVPs. 
I’ve decided to add sewing to my list of hobbies.  Not because I need another hobby, but I need longer fitting dress pants for my giraffe legs.  I’ve taken out the sewing machine and here is my 2nd creation, a polka-dotted masterpiece.
Blouse: (bodysuit)
Pants: Meek
Photo Cred: Cody Monroe

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