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Love how she paired the leopard print with stripes. Brilliant idea for a chic look.

So often I’m asked for fashion advice, as most people prefer a new wardrobe over remixing their gently worn clothing.  Especially to attend a big event.

In lieu of assisting those Ladies, I’ve prepared a few versatile looks using very few pieces to showcase how one can easily recreate their style by shopping in their very own Clothing Library…Their Closet.
Make sure you check out Are you a Boss to read about where to shop.
For my Ladies who like to keep a simple look going, but always desire to look chic and classy; here are a group of basics that you should keep in your closet to easily create a months worth of looks.  There are 5 pairs of Trousers, 5 blouses, and a blazer.  Those are all pieces that function together to create a nice, business professional look.  I added the denim to share that you can use 3 pair of jeans over the 2 day weekend, paired with a shirt, based on your day plans.  The scarves are perfect for accessorizing and jazzing the look up a bit.  It’ll also make the look completely different from the last time worn.  The shoe selection features two neutral colors and a bright color.  This allows you to determine the tone of the look for that particular day.
I’ve included some options, in which 1 pair of jeans can be worn in 12 different ways, all by switching the shirt to create a new look.  I added an assortment of Winter and Early Spring shirts to capture the versatility of the Jeans from season-to-season.  Your ability to remix your clothing is a huge money saver and confidence booster.  It feels good when someone compliments the same pair of jeans twice within one week of wear.  Trust me, I know from experience.
SHOP: H&M GAP (jeans) DILLARD’S (shoes)
In this assortment of clothing, I’m offering a dressier approach, to your daily style; by pairing these elegant blouses with colored palazzo pants.  It’s a bit daring when working with colored bottoms, but it’s doable.  As you can see, each blouse will recreate how those pants look.  We have casual, dressy, elegant, chic, and professional.  It’s all in how you feel when pairing the pants with the perfect top.  A lesson on Confidence is sure to get you ‘feeling yourself’ well enough to pull off these comfy pants.
SHOP: ASOS.com (this online sight will have each item for a great price.
Lastly, I can’t exit without offering looks that bring out the boots and booties, as Winter has kind of touched down in Texas.  There is very little secret to perfectly pairing boots with jeans.  For the best looks, you want to go with a boot cut or skinny fitted jean; as these are made to wear with boots/booties, so it’s a no brainier on how to create that perfect look.  If wearing relax or loose fit jeans, it’s best to wear longer jeans and basic boots that are pointy at the toe.  Boyfriend jeans pair perfectly with booties.  Simply cuff the jeans a few times to sit at the top of your booties.  It is very important to purchase good boots; possibly genuine leather.   Those will last longer and look nicer with whatever you pair them and that’s what we want.  If choosing a faux leather boot, choose a pair which has little shine and less of a plastic look.  Compare the 2 types side-by-side to truly understand what I am referencing.
SHOP: H&M ASOS.com DILLARD’s (boots/booties)
I’m certain your knowledge of creating looks and remixing pieces has been enhanced from this post.  You don’t need my closet, just to look into yours and get busy creating some looks.  Good luck and share with me what looks you can’t wait to try.  If you have a topic you’d like for me to cover, share that as well.
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