Gone Red

… or any color for all it matters.
In many cases, A.A. women were skeptical of coloring their hair via the bleaching technique due to the chance of breakage.  This technique requires a large number of chemicals to bring out a vibrant color to our hair.
Isn’t this beautiful?  But at what cost?
Maia Ayanna (IG: @geauxmj) has styled this beautiful, vibrant red hair for nearly a year through the bleaching technique, which resembled nice healthy hair.  I immediately fell in love with this look on the light-skinned beauty, yet wondered how damaging it may have been.
@Geauxmj is a true fashionista, my cousin BTW, and always takes great care of her natural hair, so I was certain that she used the healthiest process possible when she bleached her hair.  Here is what she has to say about her experience with the “Bleaching Process”.
Interview 2/10/2015
SkinneeGirlConfidence: Good morning cousin.  I want to know: is bleaching damaging to your hair or is it healthy?  If it is healthy, what are you doing to maintain the health of your hair during the process?  Would you recommend coloring to the extreme to others?
Geauxmj: my hair is damaged 🙁  I haven’t straightened it since my birthday & before that I haven’t straightened it since I was in Houston for Christmas.  It doesn’t even curl up anymore & I’m getting extensions on tomorrow!!!  LOL.  But I bleached my hair, so I guess that’s expected.
SkinneeGirlConfidence: So from your experience, there are no healthy options in bleaching your hair?
Geauxmj: Thank you! But no, bleaching is bad.  LOL.  Well bad for my hair.  They have a color out for dark hair now.   If I ever decide to go red again, I’ll be using that.  It’s called “L’Oreal excellence HiColor Hi-Lights”. I’ve watched a lot of YouTube videos on that.
SkinneeGirlConfidence: You are so beautiful. Just stunning.
Geauxmj: This is how I’m wearing it; thank you.
SkinneeGirlConfidence: Is it cut short?
Geauxmj: well I keep it cut short because my ends are always bad from all of the color & straightening it weekly

SkinneeGirlConfidence: Thank you for this interview.

As you can see, this beauty is not afraid to go BOLD.
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