Got Damn It…

Sometimes You Just Have to Look Fancy, UNAPOLOGETICALLY!!!

That is what fashion, style, trends, clothing, etc. is all about.  About doing what you want to do.  Being who you want to be.  Giving signals that you care to give.  Dropping hints to who you want to stare your direction.  There is nothing wrong with getting it right in your closet, looking fierce and owning that shit.  You gotta be on your NIKE ish, Just Do It”.  That’s the best fashion advice I can ever give.  That’s what warms my hear the most.

Model Marissa was giving me more than life in this picture and baby I lit up.  I walked away and told her to give me what she got and she did not disappoint.  These very threads are pieces from SG Couture Boutique, which is a Premier Online Boutique.

Hot Damn

Premiere Online Boutique: an online boutique which offers quality, versatile clothing for all occasions and multiple wears with clothing catering to the class lady.   That’s what I pride myself on.  Being able to carry my daily career woman professionalism into my fashion blog hobby and entrepreneurial endeavors.  I always want to ensure my brand matches me wholeheartedly by giving a consistent layout all across the board.  If ever you notice me slipping; LET ME KNOW!

Hot damn

How have you enjoyed the pieces from SG Couture thus far?

These 2 pieces are currently available to shop on the SG Couture Boutique website, or you can shop right from this post.  If you choose to do so, use code SGCBLOG for $9 off of your total purchase (Tee Shirts excluded).  As always, thanks for stopping by!


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